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One of the many signs around Rio parking lots that prohibit parking in certain areas.

Students Speak: RHC Parking Permits

Written by Victoria Ortiz, Writer
Oct 11, 2023

Rio Hondo College has started enforcing parking permits again this fall semester. If you wish to park in the lots at Rio Hondo, you must now purchase a...

Champion league Final Four

Written by Carlos Jimenez
May 3, 2022

Spanish and English clubs were going at it intensely this week. Heading into the first match between Real Madrid and Manchester City left a spark with...

Mexican Central Food Review

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Apr 28, 2022

There’s many eateries to cover but with the help of spreading reviews many can soon try them. Mexican Central was an overall amazing experience; very...

Tierra Mexico Review

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Apr 15, 2022

This food review consists of Mexican breakfast with a mix of American. Tierra Mexico is located in the center of Long Beach. It's a pop up restaurant which...

Women’s Volleyball At San Diego City

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Mar 10, 2022

The lady Roadrunner Volleyball team is returning with the game in hand just in another scene. This time we see these ladies going out and playing in the...

Compton At Rio Hondo

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Feb 25, 2022

Last Game Recap Male Roadrunners visited Long Beach in a game which was heavily in their favor. The first half was controlled by the roadrunners but as...

Rio Hondo at Irvine Valley

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Nov 17, 2021

El Camino at Rio Hondo As the season continues for our lady roadrunners we are slowly looking forward to the season. Rio came into this match with two...

Lady Road Runners are heading to the Finals

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Nov 9, 2021

Season Wrap-up The Roadrunners finish up their extraordinary season with a record of 13-1-1. Very impressive and also not to forget the Roadrunners secured...

Mt.Sac at Rio Hondo

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Nov 2, 2021

Rio Hondo at East LA Looking at each team record we can clearly see the roadrunners are favorites. Nevertheless in soccer nowadays anyone can win. Back...

Rio Hondo College Ranks in the Top 100 Colleges and Universities for Hispanics

Written by Jeffrey Barragan, Copy Editor
Oct 27, 2021

Rio Hondo College ranked in three categories in the 2019-2020 Top 100 Colleges and Universities for Hispanics by Hispanic Outlook on Education Magazine. The...

Rio Hondo Women Versus LA Harbor

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Oct 26, 2021

Heading into the Match Women Rio Hondo are coming from back to back wins which is very Impressive in both games. In the last two games they have a combination...

Shop small and go to a soirée

Written by Yasmine Poot, Podcast Editor
Oct 22, 2021

Last weekend in Downey, Ca was buzzing with people as small businesses were set and ready to sell their products at 12pm. The set up of small tents and...

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