Rio Hondo at Irvine Valley

El Camino at Rio Hondo

As the season continues for our lady roadrunners we are slowly looking forward to the season. Rio came into this match with two wins and four loses which in their heads it was a win-win situation. Nevertheless our roadrunners put on quite a show and secured the victory in a close game versus El Camino. The score was 54 to 47 which is actually quite close. Overall Rio is looking to improve but also secure more wins down the road. Also let’s not forget two players who had an amazing performance that night. Sophomore Jennyfer Morales led the game with 17 points and freshman Jiselle added another ten to the win. Also to keep in mind our lady roadrunners were shooting a high percentage which included free-throws and were successful when it came to defense with rebounds and steals.

Rio Hondo at Irvine Valley

Looking at this match up for our roadrunners well Irvine is coming off a loss which was very close to Citrus. The score ended 59 to 58 in favor of Citrus. Before the loss Irvine was winning easily in their first game of the season they took out Taft with an impressive score 129 to 18. Looking back at the score we can see potential for what Irvine plays and how they do it. Now we look at Rio who came up on a win which was close but was enough to make a statement. Defense was key for this victory for Rio and also looking ahead we can expect a close game this upcoming Wednesday at Irvine.

Fans and spectators who are looking to follow and support our lady roadrunners will have to follow Covid-19 guidelines. If you are looking to attend an event at Rio or any other college you must register at Eventbrite. Also make sure to search for Rio Hondo for your ticket and also make sure you wear a mask.

Final Result

Irvine Valley versus Rio Hondo ended with Irvine with the win. The score was 87 to 41 a lot was scored overall a bad result for the roadrunners who suffer their fifth loss of the season. With eight games into the season Rio might want to go back to the drawing boards and continue to practice to improve.