Tierra Mexico Review

This food review consists of Mexican breakfast with a mix of American. Tierra Mexico is located in the center of Long Beach. It’s a pop up restaurant which is soon to expand in size. For the meantime the business is currently fine with doing pop ups and letting individuals try samples to expand their clientele. Nevertheless when entering there are set with a mix of vibes not just a welcoming feeling. But with a Mexican theme of hats and cactus but overall desert vibes. It is a friendly environment especially being outdoors and also having this crazy weather.

Mixed Beverages

Looking at the menu two menus are given, one for beverages and the other for food. For a menu of beverages with a great decent choice of options from your basic juices and coffee. But for those seeking a kick you can mix it up with dairy or shots. What catches your eye is the natural juice chosen from which helps along with supplement for a healthy and delicious breakfast.  Make sure to choose the Green Bee juice which is an average green juice. And can not forget your coffee must be decaf and a glass of water.

My choice of plate was of course a Mexican signature dish which was called Huevos a la diabla. It consists of eggs and a spicy sauce with tomato and some onion. To top it off it is your choice of either scrambled or sunny-side. Also you get the choice of extra sides like rice or eggs and also your choice of cotija or regular cheese. Suggestion: go with the cotija but add avocado and beans with their signature housemade salsa.

To conclude this is of many pop-ups who continue to come outside and try to sell and show individuals their way of cooking to the world.