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Pfizer and Moderna are the most popular types of vaccinations people can choose to receive in order to be better protected from COVID-19. It is now more important than ever to be vaccinated due to the recent vaccine mandates that have been ordered in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Vaccine Mandates: Good or Bad?

Ryan Leon, Opinion Co-Editor October 14, 2021

On Wednesday Oct 6, the Los Angeles City Council approved a COVID-19 vaccine mandate that will require proof of vaccination at most public places beginning on Nov 6. The cities of New York and San Francisco were the first to incorporate vaccine mandates earlier this year. Mandate Backlash This decision...

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Battlefield 2042 introduces the next step in the dynamic weather systems and levelution systems of past titles by having large, game impacting events happening at random, like tornadoes that can suck up players and throw them around.

Battlefield 2042 Beta: Concerned and Hyped

Brandon Lee Ramirez, Opinion Co-Editor October 12, 2021

Access to the Battlefield 2042 Beta began on Oct 6 through Oct 9. The first two days were only open for people who preordered the game, with the open beta beginning on the latter two. 2024 is set to be released in Nov, but the beta gives fans a chance to experience a slice of the game before the official...

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A model of an M1A1 Abrams tank used in Iraq by the USMC. These vehicles also saw service in Afganistan

Editorial: Some Things will Never Change

Lorenzo Arce, Digital Editor-in-Chief October 8, 2021

A Hopeful Viewpoint   Weeks ago, a discussion board was assigned . It asked students to analyze a speech from Barack Obama. He addressed a crowd in Kenya about the changing morals in America and how other countries can do the same as well.  Obama said, “Every country and every culture has unique...

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Pearl Milling Company - formerly known as Aunt Jemima - has been the household name for pancakes in millions of homes for generations. The name may have been changed, but the sweet delicious flavor is still the same.

Should More Food Products be Rebranded?

Ryan Leon, Opinion Co-Editor October 7, 2021

In the year 2020, things took a turn for the worse. Systemic racism and hate consumed the United States. Society was a broken shell of itself, and people everywhere felt it. Not just those living in America, but also people on the other side of the world in different countries. In conjunction with the...

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12 year old feeling exhausted after being on her phone the entire day.

Editorial: Social Media is a Nightmare

Jasmine Soria, Print Editor-in-Chief October 2, 2021

Social Media has been around for only 24 years. Those with phones and computers brought to light Six Degree, a social media platform common in the late 1900s.  Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter have taken over the media industry since the early 2000s. While they have done much good to...

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Drawing of a frustrated high school student trying to take a math test.

Editorial: Are Schools Doing their Jobs Post Pandemic?

Jasmine Soria, Print Editor-in-Chief September 30, 2021

After more than a year of distance learning, schools K-12 are fully reopening, and students are more frustrated than ever. The cause of this; the American school system, 8 hours a day, 6 classes, 7 days a week. As of March 2020, most schools transitioned to virtual learning, a new and difficult concept...

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Mural at Rio Hondo Park in Pico Rivera, California

Hispanic Heritage Month Excludes Parts of Latin America

Jeffrey Barragan, Reporter September 29, 2021

There is something extraordinarily odd about the word “Hispanic” in Hispanic Heritage Month. The word is exclusionary but also ironically Eurocentric during a month-long celebration and recognition of the independence of Latin American countries from European imperialism. The same can be said...

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Embracing all missing people regardless of race is at the utmost importance. The value of life should not be defined by ones skin color.

Gabby Petito Goes Viral While Minority Men and Women Fall Astray

Marina Gutierrez, Reporter September 27, 2021

   Why does race make one person’s life more important than another? The missing person’s case of a white woman named Gabby Petito has been all over the news and social media, as of recently. People everywhere became emotionally invested in finding Petito. When the news spread that her deceased...

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Protagonist Kena must meditate in the forest to prepare for her next fight with evil spirits. Meditating is crucial to improving Kenas health.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review

Ryan Leon, Opinion Co-Editor September 27, 2021

Developed by Ember Lab, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a new action/adventure video game. It is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC (personal computer). In this adventure, you play as Kena, a young female lead who is referred to as a spirit guide. The Beauty of Kena Visually, the game...

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Cinepolis in Pico Rivera, CA - Cinepolis was opened earlier this year for moviegoers who want to experience that special feeling of watching a movie inside a theater that you cant get anywhere else.

Streaming Services Hurt Movie Theaters

Ryan Leon, Opinion Co-Editor September 22, 2021

As we continue to grapple with the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic, movie theaters are slowly making a comeback. In March 2020, movie theaters across the country were forced to shut down, which caused concern for many. The Cause At the beginning of the pandemic, movie theaters had no choice but to close...

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Clickbait is currently Number 4 in the Top 10 on Netflix for the US.

Netflix’s ‘Clickbait’ Limited Series: TV Review

Valeria Yanez, Reporter September 22, 2021

  Clickbait is a limited series that has reached the top 10 most viewed in the U.S. for Netflix. The series consists of eight episodes each being around forty to fifty minutes long. The show gives you a mix of a thriller and drama all in one. Clickbait is the perfect title for this series. It's...

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A really good way to gauge interest in these big intellectual properties while also get a feel for numbers is by looking at Twitch. Each of the games listed are cross platform, and allow for crossplay. And, they only represent views streams of these games were getting, but theyre really telling when considering how popular they are worldwide. With such large reach its not surprising Sony pushed Epic for Fortnite.

Epic v. Apple

No Place For Heroes
Brandon Lee Ramirez, Opinion Co-Editor May 19, 2021

Open Secrets All bets are off. The open secrets of the games industry that were brought up in the loot box hearings continue to be dredged up in the Epic v. Apple case. The suit was based around Apple charging commission for use of the App Store, and Epic Games trying to get around it. When the lawsuit...

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