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The site of Rio Hondo College on the Puente Hills was at one point part of El Rancho Paso de Bartolo.

El Rancho Paso de Bartolo, Before Rio Hondo College, Whittier, and Pico Rivera

Jeffrey Barragan, Reporter November 20, 2021

The Puente Hills where Rio Hondo College sits was at one point Mexican soil. Juan Crispin Perez owned much of the land that makes up present-day Whittier, West Whittier-Los Nietos, and Pico Rivera, Calif., during that brief period. Large Mexican ranchos surrounded the Puente Hills between the 1820s...

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Blogger and photographer Robin Schimko introduces his YouTube viewers to a new photo walk video he made in Berlin, Germany. Schimko photographs all over the city, ready to take the perfect photo at all times.

The Art of the Photo Walk

Ryan Leon, Opinion Co-Editor November 19, 2021

Watching “Berlin Street Photography” by Robin Schimko from the_real_sir_robin on YouTube really impressed me. I’ve never been into photography, so this was my first time seeing a video like this. Now that I’ve seen it though, photography is something that I am more interested in. Photos from...

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Halo Infinite has finally arrived after a long wait and so far it was worth the wait.

Halo Infinite Came Early

Justin Gomez, Reporter November 18, 2021

On Nov 15,  Halo Infinite dropped early. Three weeks early to be exact which got a positive reaction by the community. People have been waiting a whole year for this game to drop. It was delayed so much due to the pandemic so the developers ran into a lot of road bumps. This upset a lot of people when...

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Grand Theft Auto Release Disaster

Grand Theft Auto Release Disaster

Gilbert Lazo, Reporter November 18, 2021

Grand Theft Auto Release Disaster Rockstar’s anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition, caused some controversy. This time, it is not for its usually controversy: it is about the bugs and overall look in the game. The game was officially announced about 2 weeks prior...

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Marvels Eternals premiered on Nov. 5, 2021 and is the newest film to be incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Taking place throughout many different eras, this next addition sets up events that will change the future of the MCU in exciting ways.

Marvel’s Eternals Review

Ryan Leon, Opinion Co-Editor November 10, 2021

Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” premiered Nov 5 and is the latest addition in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film opens with the Eternals getting ready to go on some kind of mission. Eternals Make their Debut This is where our new heroes are introduced; in epic style I might add. Not much is...

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Released on Nov. 12, 2020, the PS5 remains in high demand due to it being incredibly difficult to purchase. A worldwide chip shortage is making it challenging for Sony to produce more of these critically acclaimed and seemingly rare gaming consoles.

PlayStation 5: One Year Later

Ryan Leon, Opinion Co-Editor November 9, 2021

Nov 12 marks the one-year anniversary of the Sony PlayStation 5 console’s release. Debuting with two different versions (disk and digital) the PS5 allowed gamers to choose what console they wanted more based on their preference. Costing $100 more than the digital model, the standard disk edition...

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Call of Duty just released their new game called Call of Duty Vanguard and people have been waiting for this moment for a while and it is finally here

Call of Duty Vanguard Released

Justin Gomez, Reporter November 6, 2021

This year's new Call of Duty is called Call of Duty Vanguard and was released Friday, November 5th. They introduced a new campaign, zombies mode, and 16 different multiplayer maps. This has the scene excited to play with a lot of new things coming out this year. Along with these new modes there is a...

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Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are a few of the major holidays celebrated throughout the world. Whether someone is trick or treating, eating a delicious meal, or unwrapping presents, these holidays are sure to bring happiness to all who take part in them.

Holidays Feel Different

Ryan Leon, Opinion Co-Editor November 4, 2021

With the passing of yet another Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Thanksgiving is great and all thanks to the food people get to eat, but Halloween and Christmas have always been my favorite holidays. Not just because of the trick or treating and presents, but because...

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Dune had a hybrid release, also premiering on HBO Max. Regardless, its box office earnings have been good.

A Review of Dune

But I haven't Seen the 1984 Movie or Read the Book
Brandon Ramirez, Opinion Co-Editor October 27, 2021

Unprepared Dune: Noun, a mound or ridge of sand or other loose sediment formed by the wind, especially on the sea coast or in a desert. An incredibly fitting title given a large part of this film takes place on a planet that would make Tatooine blush. Dune 2021, directed by Denis Villenueve, is based...

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Professor and Learning Assistance Center Coordinator, Tyler Okamoto, lectures his students on a new essay topic during class on Zoom. Zoom has helped students and instructors stay connected and complete courses during the pandemic.

Online vs. In-Person Learning

Ryan Leon, Opinion Co-Editor October 26, 2021

In Mar 2020, both public and private school systems were flipped upside down after the Coronavirus pandemic established itself. World health officials decided that it was too dangerous to allow in-person classes to continue. So, in an effort to protect students and faculty, all forms of education were...

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Ruben Salazar Park in East Los Angeles, California was the sight of the Chicanx Moratorium in 1970. Photo by Jeffrey Barragan

The Chicana/o/x Identity and the 20th Century Movement

Jeffrey Barragan, Reporter October 20, 2021

The Chicanx movement of the 1960’s created solidarity among Mexican-Americans in the Southwest. The movement pursued to change and improve education, politics, and civil rights for Mexican-Americans and Latin Americans during a critical period in United States history. Over the last decade, gender-neutral...

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“Halloween Kills” is the newest chapter in the “Halloween” franchise. During its opening weekend, “Halloween Kills” slayed the box office, generating $50.4 million, despite also streaming on Peacock.

Halloween Kills Review

Ryan Leon, Opinion Co-Editor October 19, 2021

"Halloween Kills," the sequel to the 2018 revival film "Halloween," is the latest installment in the long running "Halloween" franchise. It premiered on Oct 15, is currently playing in a theater near you, and streaming on Peacock. Directed once again by David Gordon Green, "Halloween Kills" picks up...

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