Lady Road Runners are heading to the Finals

Season Wrap-up

The Roadrunners finish up their extraordinary season with a record of 13-1-1. Very impressive and also not to forget the Roadrunners secured a Conference title for the second consecutive season. Also to mention their last game was very decisive for the division title. These Roadrunners girls are of level meaning in the past years they have been on their game and been collecting titles each year. This program of women’s soccer is Success with the help of their head coach Tanaka. With last week’s result Rio Hondo managed to earn themselves a bye week and also become a top seed. Along with these little perks they are also hosting the game. Which potentially is key for trying to make it onto the final round. Best of all the winner earns a spot into the Regional Playoffs. Both final and third place games are scheduled for November 12 at El Camino.

What to Expect

This 9th of November we are expecting 2 well balanced teams who know what is on the line. Our Roadrunners have been preparing all season for the one thing which is the title. Each game is different and the team needs to adjust and find a solution to secure the win. Nevertheless these ladies are finishing the season strong with a Division title. But overall we can expect a new motivated team with a plan to come out big on Tuesday. And play that final to make it to Regional.

Long Beach at Rio Hondo

Lady Roadrunners hold onto the win and secure a spot in the final of the SCC tournament and are looking forward to it. Now they are one step closer to the title and a spot at regional. A very tight game that both teams had to adjust to the rival game plan. Overall the roadrunners were able to come out victorious with the score being 2 to 1. Now Rio has to wait and see who their opponent is for this Friday when they play the final at El Camino College.