Mt.Sac at Rio Hondo

Rio Hondo at East LA

Looking at each team record we can clearly see the roadrunners are favorites. Nevertheless in soccer nowadays anyone can win. Back to the match Rio came in with over five games in conference games. Only suffering 1 loss in over seventeen games is impressive which c;ear;y states a strong committed squad. The overall summary of this game was favored for Rio Hondo with a score of 2-0. Each half has a goal scored with them being scored by Maximilian De Anda and in the second half by Ramiro Piza.

Upcoming Match

This upcoming match against Mt.Sac is a very crucial game with a lot on the line. Both Rio Hondo and Mt.Sac are playing for a division title. These roadrunners should be able to compete with a number 2 in their division but also from ten games the Mounties have won seven and lost one and tied one. Clearly this game can be weighed down with opinions on who has the better side. Obviously thisĀ  game is coming down to who is willing to go the extra mile and want it more. Therefore we can expect an incredible match for both sides and see what comes next for both teams. Along with this match both teams will eventually end up playing in the South Coast Conference Playoffs.

Mt. Sac at Rio Hondo

Rio Hondo soccer fell short in a fast paced game where both sides were looking for the goal. The result of the game was favored in Mt.Sac with the result being 3 to 1. For Rio Hondo Ramiro Piza was who scored in the second half at minute 68. What next for the Roadrunners well they are heading to the South Coast Conference playoffs. Nevertheless the season comes to a conclusion. But it is a new season in playoffs were the team can practice on what went wrong in the season and make changes which can benefit the squad.