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Jeffrey Barragan, Copy Editor

Jeffrey Barragan is a first-generation Chicano from the Greater Los Angeles area. 


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Rio Hondo Police Academy’s Class Started in November, What to Know About Rio’s Police Academy

Nov 30, 2022

The Rio Hondo College Police Academy is one of around a dozen programs offered by the Division of Public Safety. The programs include two-year and transferable degrees and high and low-unit certificates...

Rio Hondo College Library is Hosting Multiple Workshops in November

Nov 15, 2022

The Fall 2022 semester at Rio Hondo College is almost over, but the Rio Hondo Library is now holding multiple workshops throughout the month of November, until early December.  The Rio Hondo Library...

The Roadrunner: The Rio Hondo College Mascot and the Puente Hills

The Roadrunner: The Rio Hondo College Mascot and the Puente Hills

Nov 14, 2022

Rio Hondo College opened in 1963. The following year, while the school waited for its campus to be built, its mascot was already determined, a bird local to the Puente Hills, Southwest US, and much of...

The Rio Hondo College Campus Inn is in the same building as the Wray Memorial Theater, and the Music and Business departments in the Lower Quad.

Rio Hondo College Vote Center Opens in the Campus Inn on Saturday

Nov 3, 2022

Rio Hondo College students can vote in person or drop off their ballot at the Campus Inn starting Saturday. The Campus Inn vote center will also be open to non-student voters. Rio Hondo College Vote Center...

El Monte Police Chief and Rio Hondo College Alumnus Passes Away

El Monte Police Chief and Rio Hondo College Alumnus Passes Away

Oct 27, 2022

Rio Hondo College alumnus and El Monte Police Chief Ben Lowry passed away on Monday, Oct. 24, 2022. According to the description of the Chief Ben Lowry Memorial Fund on, Lowry passed away...

There’s Really No Fooling in Why “This Fool” Matters to Mexican American Film History

Oct 21, 2022

In the weeks before its release, trailers of Hulu's "This Fool" gave glimpses of something special. After its release, the show has proved to be a critical addition to the greater lineup of Mexican American...

It’s Back to School Night with Rio Hondo College’s Nursing Club, Oct. 25

Oct 19, 2022

The Rio Hondo College Nursing Club is hosting a Back to School Night on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022. Students received an email announcing the event will be at the Tech Quad from 6:30 pm until 8 pm. However,...

The Student Success and Dream Center (SSDC) at Rio Hondo College is in the Learning Resource Center building.

Rio Hondo College Dreamers Get Scholarship Opportunities From Donation

Oct 4, 2022

One day after Sports Arena Drive outside the Pico Rivera Sports Arena in Pico Rivera, California became Avenida Vicente Fernández, Rio Hondo College announced the late musician’s son, Alejandro Fernández,...

A Taste of Rio is Almost Back, But What Does it Mean for Students?

Jun 5, 2022

A Taste of Rio at Rio Hondo College is back after three years on Friday, June 9, 2022. The event is open to the public and will feature food, alcoholic beverages, and an auction for those in attendance. The...

Rio Hondo College Students Have an Opportunity to Work for Tesla

May 10, 2022

Rio Hondo College is one of nine community colleges across the US that offers the Tesla START Program. The program allows students the opportunity to eventually work for Elon Musk’s electric vehicle...

A lot has changed at Rio Hondo College since Spring 2020

Apr 29, 2022

A lot has changed at Rio Hondo College since Spring 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic altered how Rio Hondo College operates. And students have had to adapt to, and be content with, not being able to get a more...

Mexican American and Chicano Movies of the First-Half of the 1990s: From American Me to Mi Vida Loca

Apr 6, 2022

In the 1990s, Mexican American movies captured a far more comprehensive cultural experience than movies of the 1980s.  In the decade after movies like “Zoot Suit,” “Stand and Deliver,” and...

Dr. Marilyn Flores Elected 12th Superintendent/President of Rio Hondo College

Apr 5, 2022

Dr. Marilyn Flores will take over the role of President/Superintendent of Rio Hondo College. Dr. Flores is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of California,...

Mexican American and Chicano Movies of the 1980s: From Zoot Suit to Stand and Deliver

Mar 17, 2022

Four of the most important and influential Mexican American and Latinx movies came out in the 1980s. The movies “Zoot Suit,” “La Bamba,” “Stand and Deliver,” and “Born in East L.A.” captured...

The Rio Hondo College Study Abroad Program in Taiwan Continues

Mar 15, 2022

Rio Hondo College has been part of a student exchange program with Taiwan for the past five years. In February, the College was recognized for its partnership with Taiwan by the Culture Center of Taipei...

The Battle of Rio San Gabriel Didn’t Happen on the San Gabriel River

Mar 1, 2022

The first battle near Los Angeles, Cali. during the Mexican-American War in 1847 erupted on the river flowing between two former Mexican ranches, El Rancho Paso de Bartolo and Rancho San Antonio. But unlike...

El Rancho Paso de Bartolo, Before Rio Hondo College, Whittier, and Pico Rivera

Nov 20, 2021

The Puente Hills where Rio Hondo College sits was at one point Mexican soil. Juan Crispin Perez owned much of the land that makes up present-day Whittier, West Whittier-Los Nietos, and Pico Rivera, Calif.,...

Students at Rio Hondo College May Be Eligible for COVID-19 Related Financial Assistance

Nov 15, 2021

Over the last week, several students at Rio Hondo College received an email. The subject line read: "Student Balance write-off." Students across Calif., including those within the 38th Congressional District,...

Rio Hondo College Ranks in the Top 100 Colleges and Universities for Hispanics

Oct 27, 2021

Rio Hondo College ranked in three categories in the 2019-2020 Top 100 Colleges and Universities for Hispanics by Hispanic Outlook on Education Magazine. The categories Rio Hondo College ranked in are:...

The Chicana/o/x Identity and the 20th Century Movement

Oct 20, 2021

The Chicanx movement of the 1960’s created solidarity among Mexican-Americans in the Southwest. The movement pursued to change and improve education, politics, and civil rights for Mexican-Americans...

President Biden Proclaims Both Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Columbus Day

Oct 11, 2021

On Oct 8, President Joseph R. Biden proclaimed Monday, Oct 11 as Indigenous Peoples' Day and Columbus Day. For the last 50 years, the second Monday of October has been observed as Columbus Day. It became...

Hispanic Heritage Month Excludes Parts of Latin America

Sep 29, 2021

There is something extraordinarily odd about the word “Hispanic” in Hispanic Heritage Month. The word is exclusionary but also ironically Eurocentric during a month-long celebration and recognition...

Rio Hondo College Will Begin Promoting Calfresh to Students

Sep 27, 2021

Rio Hondo College recently announced it will receive a $432,726 grant from the Calfresh program beginning in Oct until Sept of 2024. Calfresh is part of a federal program that assists low-income individuals...