Champion league Final Four

Spanish and English clubs were going at it intensely this week. Heading into the first match between Real Madrid and Manchester City left a spark with a good amount of goals scored. On the other hand, the match between Liverpool and Villarreal ended with only two goals scored. Nevertheless, the Semi-Finals were top tier this year with many looking forward to the second leg. The matches are set for this upcoming Tuesday May 3 and Wednesday May 4. Also to mention for each game the rule of away goals do not count anymore. To conclude, Soccer fans could either see two Spanish sides or two English sides in the final. 

Also potentially could be the rematch between Liverpool and Real Madrid who faced each other in 2018. With Madrid securing their 13th trophy in Champions league history, this might be an anticipated final, but for English fans redemption from what happened in that final four years ago.

The last four teams remaining have players who might hold that title pretty soon. But the team who stands out the most is Spanish side Madrid who has Nine players which is almost a full squad. These nine players have four titles to their name and are hoping to secure this current trophy. To break it down, many teams have experienced players who played the final before and know the feeling of winning.

For many fans we will see the two best teams battle it out in the final. For this reason, make sure to keep an eye for next week’s results of the Champions League.