Shop small and go to a soirée

Last weekend in Downey, Ca was buzzing with people as small businesses were set and ready to sell their products at 12pm. The set up of small tents and amazing food will easily remind anyone who grew up going to the swap meets with their family on the weekends. This one was just a little different. With lined up boutiques selling trendy cute clothes, amazing jewelry and very awesome flower arrangements. It was a similar feeling in a different place. 

The Variety

Walking into the small Soirée the amount of clothes and products will catch anyone’s eyes. So many neutrals and some bursts of color within the stalls. Each small business really brings their A game to setting up amazing stalls. From selling crystals, to vintage tees, and wonderful huaraches. Each vendor was kind and helpful. This small soirée was started by another boutique owner Ericka Gonzalez, whose boutique is Gypsy Queen. The boutique was also present during the soirée this past Sunday.

Meeting a vendor

Going through all the tents and seeing how each boutique is unique in it’s own way, I got to meet the great shop owner Diana of The Modern Cactus Co. she was selling hats and huaraches at this soirée. She mentioned how she likes knowing who her manufacturer is and makes sure that the material is as authentic as it gets. As well as making sure each item is ethically made. She supports her community by supporting manufacturers in Mexico. I bought a pair of huaraches myself and completely recommend going and buying a pair from her shop as they come in different colors.

The community

The soirée felt like it was bringing a community together of people trying to put their name out into the world. It was a feeling of happiness and excitement for every turn during shopping. All in all It was a very fun and safe experience. It is a great way to go out with the family on a weekend. Make sure to have your wallets ready to spend as the vendors accept Venmo, cash app, and cash. Sadly, the soirée is only once a month, so we do have to wait until next month to enjoy it all over again, but will willingly spend much more.


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