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Carlos Jimenez

Carlos Jimenez

Who is Carlos Jimenez well looking into the present he is an individual who sticks to his word. He is always making sure he sets his mind on what he wants to accomplish, always serious but ready to work. What makes him the person he is, well he is always learning but also he loves to learn and also hear stories about people's struggles which motivates him to become a better person. When can we see Carlos with his new profession I would say in about a year or less school might be done with him he is in his last semester. He will continue to strive for better days but also make sure his family is proud since he is the first to graduate in his family. Some hobbies he tends to enjoy is making sure he is working out or enjoying his time around Soccer or just watching Soccer. His favorite teams are Club America and Real Madrid. He tends to keep his focus on the world of sports but he enjoys movies and trying new things like foods and visiting places.

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Hit or Miss: World Cup 2022

Written by Carlos Jimenez Nov 24, 2022

Qatar Hit or Miss The FIFA World Cup  is a worldwide sensation many soccer fans anticipate waiting for. Even though it takes place every four years, fans still go crazy to see who gets crowned the...

The Big Brunch

Written by Carlos Jimenez Nov 16, 2022

Streaming now on HBO Max is the, “The Big Brunch.” It’s a cooking competition many people can stream and enjoy over the weekend. The show is predicted to hit millions of views this past weekend....

Consuelo Food Review

Written by Carlos Jimenez May 21, 2022

This small owned business which is soon to pop off in the summer of 2022. With exciting news coming up in the next few months it was an honor to be able to consume a plate. Overall, this place is still...

Rock Bottom to the top

Written by Carlos Jimenez May 19, 2022

Mexican sided Club America is a well respected club in Mexico known for their success in Soccer. The current season was a whole new experience for  a club who is always fighting for the title. Needless...

Champion league Final Four

Written by Carlos Jimenez May 3, 2022

Spanish and English clubs were going at it intensely this week. Heading into the first match between Real Madrid and Manchester City left a spark with a good amount of goals scored. On the other hand,...

Mexican Central Food Review

Written by Carlos Jimenez Apr 28, 2022

There’s many eateries to cover but with the help of spreading reviews many can soon try them. Mexican Central was an overall amazing experience; very different from other Mexican buisnesses. As soon...

Easter Sunday Football

Written by Carlos Jimenez Apr 18, 2022

This Easter Sunday, many fans got to witness an incredible packed match of MLS Soccer. Fans witnessed a LAFC team who came in hot this Sunday versus Kansas City. Overall, any fan there would share their...

Tierra Mexico Review

Written by Carlos Jimenez Apr 15, 2022

This food review consists of Mexican breakfast with a mix of American. Tierra Mexico is located in the center of Long Beach. It's a pop up restaurant which is soon to expand in size. For the meantime the...

House Kitchen Playa

Written by Carlos Jimenez Apr 7, 2022

Lately there have been seeing many vendors come out of their way in starting new businesses which is great for consumers. Nowadays you can drive around cities and find many trucks or people selling. ...

Rio Hondo Versus Antelope Valley

Written by Carlos Jimenez Mar 11, 2022

Rio Versus Antelope Valley The Roadrunners last result was a very tight game coming to a final result of five-to-four. Overall, with some missing players, Rio almost pulled it off but came short against...

Women’s Volleyball At San Diego City

Written by Carlos Jimenez Mar 10, 2022

The lady Roadrunner Volleyball team is returning with the game in hand just in another scene. This time we see these ladies going out and playing in the sand which for some Roadrunners is a new segment...

Compton At Rio Hondo

Written by Carlos Jimenez Feb 25, 2022

Last Game Recap Male Roadrunners visited Long Beach in a game which was heavily in their favor. The first half was controlled by the roadrunners but as the match concluded the game ended with LB in favor...

Rio Hondo at Irvine Valley

Written by Carlos Jimenez Nov 17, 2021

El Camino at Rio Hondo As the season continues for our lady roadrunners we are slowly looking forward to the season. Rio came into this match with two wins and four loses which in their heads it was a...

Lady Road Runners are heading to the Finals

Written by Carlos Jimenez Nov 9, 2021

Season Wrap-up The Roadrunners finish up their extraordinary season with a record of 13-1-1. Very impressive and also not to forget the Roadrunners secured a Conference title for the second consecutive...

Mt.Sac at Rio Hondo

Written by Carlos Jimenez Nov 2, 2021

Rio Hondo at East LA Looking at each team record we can clearly see the roadrunners are favorites. Nevertheless in soccer nowadays anyone can win. Back to the match Rio came in with over five games in...

Rio Hondo Women Versus LA Harbor

Written by Carlos Jimenez Oct 26, 2021

Heading into the Match Women Rio Hondo are coming from back to back wins which is very Impressive in both games. In the last two games they have a combination of ten goals and zero goals conceded. What...

Rio Hondo Men Soccer vs Cerritos College

Written by Carlos Jimenez Oct 19, 2021

Compton at Rio Hondo Coming into this match Rio was favorite on paper coming into this match with a record of 8-1-3. But now with a win over Compton college the Roadrunners improve to 9-1-3 which is impressive....

Women Volleyball at Compton College

Written by Carlos Jimenez Oct 13, 2021

Rio Hondo Volleyball vs Santa Barbara Coming into the match Rio Hondo was coming out from 3 losses. Coming into this match they surely were not the favorite on paper. This did not stop these Rio Hondo...

Clasico During the Pandemic

Written by Carlos Jimenez Oct 8, 2021

What an amazing game between these two teams Club Americas put on an impressive win over Pumas. The result was a 2-0 win but what mattered was the fans and people who enjoy the sport of Soccer. Club America...

Clash of the Money Giants

Written by Carlos Jimenez Sep 28, 2021

PSG Signings     With Lionel Messi being the new addition to the squad we can potentially see the best front 3 on top. In today futbol we have many superstars but PSG have gone out of their way in...

New plans for this New and Upcoming Barcelona team

Written by Carlos Jimenez Sep 21, 2021

  Coming into the match After suffering a devastating 3-0 loss to German side Bayern Munich we clearly knew what was expected with this new Barcelona team. With a new dismantled team we are...