Mexican Central Food Review

There’s many eateries to cover but with the help of spreading reviews many can soon try them. Mexican Central was an overall amazing experience; very different from other Mexican buisnesses. As soon as customers enter,  you look at the place filled with Mexican decorations and it feels safe. Many of the decorations vary from sombreros and cactus and overall looks like a desert in there. Many other things hangs from the ceiling like pinatas. Also, for any kid entering you receive a little goodie bag. Customers are met with great customer service. For that reason, this place is already succeeding.

The place is located near some big freeway (find the freeway name please) located downtown near the staples center. The place is hidden with many people knowing about by word spreading around. 

The choice of plate many go with is very affordable and tasty which is called huevos con papa. From what the owner recommends, this is indeed their best choice. The plate comes with your choice of salsa which is either red or green; however, be careful when getting the habanero which is very spicy. Another choice you can choose is get your item topped with cheese and beans which is a no brainer for just two dollars more including handmade tortillas which is a steal.

To sum up the experience, newcomers have to check it out because this place serves well portioned plates and the service is top of the line and the environment is just a vibe and fun. Nevertheless, make sure to check it out but also come on time so you can receive top of the line food and also coffee and Mexican desserts.