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Printers Hacked Requesting Subscribers For Pewdiepie

Dec 1, 2018

Fans Take Action After Subscriber War For quite some time now, the massive YouTuber Pewdiepie has been having a subscriber war with another youtube channel named T-Series. An Indian music channel that...

Interview With Tom Bilyeu Of Impact Theory

Nov 11, 2018

Steve Aoki is a musician to most people, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Aoki is a talented man who has a huge following but lately, he’s been branching and exploring new routes. This new route is...

Fortnightmares is Finally Over

Nov 4, 2018

Epic Games has been teasing that something big will be happening today (November 4th, 2018). Showing off pictures of the cube that’s been spawning all the monsters. Some players even noticed that the...

Review: Daredevil Season 3 E. 7-13

Nov 1, 2018
After watching the first 6 episodes of season 3 you often ask yourself,  “what's going to happen next?” A trend that follows through to the very end, leaving you that much more

Interview With: Eric Vale, Anime Voice Actor

Oct 30, 2018
Voice Acting can be easily overlooked. When you watch a cartoon or an anime, you become lost in its animation. When you listen, you can hear the heart and soul that is placed in

Los Angeles Comic Con Recap

Oct 29, 2018

Los Angeles Comic Con is an annual event held every year in the Los Angeles convention center that brings people of all walks of life together. The event itself isn’t just catered to comic fans, but...

Fortnitemares is a New Step in the Right Direction

Oct 26, 2018

Fortnitemares is entirely based around Halloween horror film and stories. This latest patch they’ve incorporated into the battle royale mode is a challenging yet exciting new mode. With tons of new content. By...

LYFT Buys AR Company to help Build Self-Driving Cars

Oct 25, 2018

Lyft is finally stepping into the self-driving car industry. They’ve acquired Blue Vision Labs, a UK based augmented reality firm that helps cars know and understand their location. The merger will join...

Review: Daredevil Season 3 E. 1-6

Oct 23, 2018

The long-awaited Season 3 for Daredevil is here! Marvel fans have been waiting to see the Devil of Hell's Kitchen back in action since the Defenders' release. Since then, we’re treated with a handful...

Nintendo Bringing Labo to Elementary Classes

Oct 23, 2018

Nintendo Labo is a fairly new way to play the Nintendo Switch, where you build certain things out of cardboard and play interactive games. Parents say it's a new and fun way to play video games. The...

Could High School Bullying Help Create A Killer?

Oct 9, 2018

Full disclaimer: murder is never okay no matter what you’re going through. This is the writer's own opinion on what he believes the outcomes of being bullied can escalate to. This is not blaming anyone...

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Break Down

Oct 2, 2018
Saddle up outlaws because October 26 can’t come here fast enough! RockStar the company behind the massive hit of GTA, Max Payne, and Red Dead Redemption is

Behind The Panel Inside The Mind Of A Comic Book Artist

Oct 2, 2018

When reading a comic it’s so easy to get lost in it, just by reading a fascinating story or looking at the art with all the different colors and styles. It’s easy to forget that these people work day...

RoadRunner Radio: Anime

Oct 1, 2018

Today we find out how our staff became a part of the culture known as Anime.

Fortnite Season 6 Update Brings a Spooky Theme and Treats

Sep 28, 2018

The long anticipated season 6 is finally here! There was a lot of people guessing what the cube would do once it landed into Loot Lake and we finally have an answer along with new content for this season....

Muse Adds Pressure to Their New Song

Sep 28, 2018

The British rock band Muse has been releasing singles lately to build up hype for the upcoming album “Simulation Theory” that's set to release November 8th. The whole album is a cyberpunk retro theme....

NASA Will Be Using Moon Dust To Build Structures

Sep 28, 2018

NASA's new focus is going back to the moon and this time they’re not interested in leaving a flag behind. NASA administrator said “This time when we go, we’re going to go to stay.” Which are some...

ESPN Will Have Ninja On This Issue Cover

Sep 20, 2018

Being considered a “professional gamer” usually has a funny tone to it. But now with Esports on the rise that has been going away. Colleges are offering scholarships to play video games on their behalf,...

Rio Round Up – 9/17

Sep 17, 2018

Stay updated on news and upcoming events on campus with Rio Talk.

Ads May Appear in Space Next

Sep 14, 2018

Ads are everywhere and there is almost no way of escaping from them. You go on Instagram, you see them. Youtube, you see them. Now we'll be seeing ads floating around in space soon. Back in August,...

Hollywood Horror Nights Stranger Things Preview

Sep 12, 2018

Things are about to get real strange at Horror Nights this year. Every year the man behind it all John Murdy a man straight out of our own city Whittier always raises the bar each time. This year is...

Tesla Bonds Are Falling Apart

Sep 12, 2018

People on Wall Street are unsure if a massive company like Tesla will be able to pay back the debt they owe. Bonds of $1.8 billionare due in August 2025 and on friday they hit a new record low. Trading...

Shooting at Downey Kaiser Permanente Hospital

Sep 11, 2018

A 34- year- old Hispanic male from Lynwood walked into Kaiser Permanente Hospital on the 9000 block of Imperial Hwy  around 11 a.m. screaming, “I have a gun and people are gonna die." Sources inside...

Cute Spider-Man Easter Egg Gone Wrong

Sep 11, 2018

If you own a PS4 or are in the slightest knowledge of the gaming community, then you know all about the massive Spider-Man game by Insomniac. The game has been a massive hit in such the short time it’s...

Rio Round Up 9/10

Sep 10, 2018

Catch up on events happening on campus for the week of September 10.

Fortnite Getaway Review

Sep 6, 2018

As everyone knows Fortnite is one of the biggest games around right now. Everyone and their mommas are playing this game. With every update, Epic Games tends to raise the bar and more than often they succeed...

Delta Fire Scorches Cover 15,000 Acres In Less Than A Day

Sep 6, 2018

There have been fires raging through northern California for some time now. A current event took a toll that no one really expected. The Delta Fire had originally started as 3 different ones then merged...

Rio Talk Madden Incident

Aug 27, 2018

Rio Talk Madden Incident. Should events such as conventions require more security?

Rio Round Up 8/27

Aug 27, 2018

Rio Round Up for the week of August 27.

Rio Round Up 8/22 – 8/31

Aug 23, 2018

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Fortnite Season 5 is Here!

Jul 12, 2018

The long awaited Season 5 has finally arrived! After weeks of being teased by Epic with a number of events taking place. From the Rocket taking off, to items being removed from the game, and probably most...

Fire Breaks Out at Rio Hondo Parking Lot

Jun 19, 2018

Around 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 19 a loud boom was heard coming from the student parking lot area at Rio Hondo College. At first, the sound could be mistaken for a loud gunshot or a car crash, but upon further...

Incredibles 2 Review

Jun 14, 2018

Incredibles 2 was a work of art, plain and simple. This movie was great from start to finish, there was never a dull moment. If you even dared to look at your phone or blink you’d miss an amazing moment....

Heroes For Hire Confirmed!

Apr 7, 2018

It’s been a few months now since we’ve seen Finn Jones aka Iron First, and Mike Colter aka Luke Cage together. Matter of fact the last time these dynamic duo have been seen together was back in Aug...

Save The Bees

Sep 19, 2017

Are you a coffee lover? If so, this may be some bad news for you. A research team modeled in Latin America studied the area specifically where coffee is grown and found it could be problematic in the future...

China set up Hack Proof internet

Sep 19, 2017

China has set up its first commercial use of quantum internet in the northern area of Shandong. This is their latest move in advancing themselves in technology, with claims of this being considered “hack-proof.”...

Microsoft to Officially Publish PlayersUnknown’s Battleground for Xbox

Aug 31, 2017

If you consider yourself a gamer, I’m willing to say that you’ve heard of the massive hit PlayersUnknown for the PC. This game has taken the internet by storm with 8 million copies sold since March!...

The Defenders Review

Aug 31, 2017

The long anticipated wait for the Defenders was well worth it. Being able to see our favorite street level heroes team up was something worth witnessing. Now the Defenders was something that has been building...

Quantum Teleportation Is Here

Aug 31, 2017

Beam me up, Scotty! Because quantum teleportation is here...well kinda. A team of scientists in China have just made a huge breakthrough in the way we communicate. They are saying this is the most secure...

Google Buys VR company Owlchemy Labs

May 15, 2017

May 10 Google announced their purchase of Owlchemy Labs. For those of you who don’t know who they are, they’re the creators behind Job Simulator, and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. They’ll be...

The Defenders Trailer Break Down

May 9, 2017

May 3rd Marvel dropped a pleasant surprise on all of us. It’s no secret that the Netflix division of Marvel has been building up for sometime now the Defenders with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage,...

Target goes full Nintendo

Apr 25, 2017

Are you a fan of Mario Kart? Are you an avid shopper of Target? Well do I got some news for you! Target has just announced they will be turning over 650 stores across the US into a giant mario race track. The...

Verizon vs New York City

Mar 20, 2017

The City of New York is suing Verizon for failure of providing Fios service to every household. They have sued for not completing certain requirements such as fiber to pass all residents in the city by...

Russia Preps for it’s First Manned Lunar Landing

Mar 20, 2017

Russia is finally getting into the space game once again after being quiet for some time.Russia’s space agency, Roscomos, is taking its first steps in achieving its first manned lunar landing. They’ve...

Thor’s new look in Ragnarok

Mar 14, 2017

It’s no secret that the director of the new Thor movie Taika Waititi is taking the prince of Asgard in a new direction. With the third installment to his franchise it’s time to make some serious changes....

PewDiePie vs Wall Street Journal

Mar 8, 2017

The famous YouTuber known as PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) has been the main target of Wall Street Journal lately. With his content not as family friendly as certain people would like. It has definitely...

Elon Musk believes cyborgs are the future

Feb 16, 2017

Elon Musk is a firm believer that humans will be eclipsed by artificial intelligence. Also that we must find a way to directly communicate to machines. Because If we don’t we run the risk of being irrelevant....