Review: Daredevil Season 3 E. 1-6

The long-awaited Season 3 for Daredevil is here! Marvel fans have been waiting to see the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen back in action since the Defenders’ release. Since then, we’re treated with a handful of different street level heroes. But nothing compares to the beloved Catholic Lawyer Matt Murdock.

This season is everything everyone has asked for.

One of the optimal apsects is it goes back to the basics. They explore new routes but at the same time keep to the basics of the hero which is a nice change of pace. It picks after the events of the Defenders so you see how he survived the building falling apart and what he’s been up to since then. Although he does survive and heal from the wounds suffered against the hand. While his inner demons still eat at him.

Not allowing him to even look at the ones he lives in fear that he’ll hurt them in some way. Which this alone is one of the main things that makes Murdock so great, out of all the Netflix heroes he’s one of the only ones that is constantly struggling with looking out for the ones he loves. Making him a little more relatable seeing him trying to protect the ones he holds close to him.

One of this season’s perks is bringing back the classic, half masked and black suit from season one.

In this season, he’s stripped away from everything that makes him Daredevil. Left without the suit that’ll protect him from bullets, the baton that can be shot from a great distance. He has nothing. Except for his fighting skills to keep him alive.

Even then, it’s not always pleasing to see him beat down relentlessy. And his struggle in returning back into shape that we’re used to seeing. Making you question if he’ll even survive the fight that he’s in.

But it isn’t just Murdock that makes this season so great.

It’s the villain Wilson Fisk A.K.A. Kingpin. Bringing such a beloved villain back into the spotlight was probably the best move they could have done so far. You’re reminded of his spruce and quick-witted personality. Always 3 steps ahead of the game. Playing everyone so he can get what he wants. He’ll even fool the audience sometimes to making you think that he is doing a good thing. It brings him back to his roots of being a master manipulator.

A man super well connected to pretty much make the smallest thing happen and make it look like it was all by chance. His drive to get out of prison as well is almost admirable. You can’t help but relate to the man and give in a little to his needs. He has kind of a noble cost but is willing to do whatever it takes to get it makes him that much more dangerous.

The feud between Fisk and Daredevil is everything you’d want it to be. It’s a constant game of cat and mouse of who will come out on top this time. Fisk has become such a threat to where Matt begins to lose his mind a little. Thinking that he’s talking to him when he’s really not. But it’s not just with Matt as well you see his two best friends Karen and Foggy really step up to the plate as well in regards to taking down Fisk. With Karen putting her life on the line to do whatever she can to expose him. While Foggy takes the political route to take him down.

In the midst of all of this, you see the birth of a new villain.

Bringing a heartbreaking story of Bullseye, who appeared in marvel comics. with an unsettling life and seeking acceptance by anyone. It shines a light for people who are mentally troubled. Placing you in their shoes and viewing the extreme routes they go through to be accepted.

When he’s first introduced you could tell right off the bat he’s someone whom you don’t want to get on their bad side. With him just gunning down people left and right to a point where he is enjoying it. Which makes his fight with Murdock that much better when it plays out. Two men who are extremely talented in combat fight it out was definitely one of the best fight scenes this far.

So far the season is more than I expected.

Score:  9.5/10