China set up Hack Proof internet

China has set up its first commercial use of quantum internet in the northern area of Shandong. This is their latest move in advancing themselves in technology, with claims of this being considered “hack-proof.” This isn’t the first time they’ve set up a hack-proof communication. Earlier this month they did they same thing with Quantum Communications by sending “unhackable” information using only water.

China prides themselves for being on the forefront in the development of quantum Technology. Early in August, they successfully sent the first unbreakable quantum code in a prototype satellite to earth. This phenomenal breakthrough was so amazing that the pentagon themselves said it was a “notable advance,” as reported by The Independent.

The Quantum Internet has been set up exclusively by government and official users in Shandong capital Jinan, although it is not clear on how the system would be operated on such a huge scale.

What this network provides is top shelf protection when using telephone and data communications so individuals can communicate without fear of someone tapping into their network. It is expected to be connected to Beijing-Shanghai quantum network.

Even though China is at the forefront with this technology, that does not mean other countries have not been studying this as well. The United States has been studying this for years, but China has been fortunate enough to be the one to make it more of a household name.