Russia Preps for it’s First Manned Lunar Landing

Russia Preps for its First Manned Lunar Landing

Photo Design By: Diego Crespo

Luis Gutierrez, Podcast Director

Russia is finally getting into the space game once again after being quiet for some time.Russia’s space agency, Roscomos, is taking its first steps in achieving its first manned lunar landing. They’ve started to recruit people to be potential cosmonauts. They’re looking for about six to eight people who have worked in engineering or aviation or any experience with space. Roscomos is going to be putting all trainees through many stages such as psychological, physical, and medical. All of these test will go on until only four remain. Those who are around will be part of landing the first manned lunar on the moon. Russia has named the spacecraft Federatsiya, which has a year to be launched in 2031.

“There will be no discrimination based on skin color or gender” said by the executive director. Applications will be open for the next four months as well, so if you want to go space sign up now. To pilot such an advance ship there only looking for the best.  To fly it you must be at least 35 with a minimum height of 4’11 and a max of 6’2, also can’t weigh over 199 pounds. The pilot must have some knowledge in IT skills and have a engineering degree. As well as  pilot training in aviation or space industry.

With such a high demand in fitness, the men must be able to perform a cross country ski for 5km.  They are going to undergo intense training, including gynecological exams for the women. This will all insure everyone is in top physical shape.

Russia currently has about 30 cosmonauts, but about 14 who have not been to space. With the oldest being 58 years old, Gennady Padalka, who holds the world record for total time spent in space. You can only apply online or in person in Star City astronaut training centre outside Moscow.