Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Break Down

Written by Luis Gutierrez, Podcast Director

Saddle up outlaws because October 26 can’t come here fast enough! RockStar the company behind the massive hit of GTA, Max Payne, and Red Dead Redemption is finally giving us another great treat. That being the long-awaited Red Dead Redemption 2, a prequel to the 1st Red Dead. It’s been 8 years since the first one came out and people have been begging for the second. Well, now we’re about to have it.

One important thing to add before we dive into the trailer is that the game is a prequel set before the events of the first one. Although John Marston will not be a playable character, he still will be in the game.

The trailer opens up with a cinematic fight that just looks beautiful. Shortly after a narrator describing how much work has been put into this game. From the looks of it, most missions will be very fast pace and action-packed for pretty the whole time.

The game will move pretty natural, leading you from one problem to another. Without feeling rushed or cheated, which is nice because when most games do this it feels like a waste of time. It looks like they’ve learned from GTA 5 adding more heist missions to this game. Adding more high stakes ones as well. You could pretty much do anything an outlaw during the western times would want to do and more!

If you choose to go and explore although it may be fun it could come at a risk. If you go into other places that are new they may be in control of another gang looking to take your life. And if you have a bounty on your head people will come after you to collect the money.

The dead eye is coming back as well. A system that would let you slow down time and get that perfect shot on your enemies. It’ll come in pieces and upgrade as you progress through the game.

This game will be a very choice based as well. Almost everything you do will affect the gameplay. You can also decide what you want to eat, horse to ride, guns to hold. As well as what to even eat, clothes to wear, shave, and shower! If you don’t do the last two it’ll show in the game and people won’t want to be anywhere near you. But just remember whatever you do people won’t forget.

The game will be full of things to do. With tons of fun features, so it’ll be a while before you get bored of this game. It’s important to add the multiplayer won’t be out for roughly a month, so that way people can play the single player game and get a feel for it. With all that being said be ready to saddle up October 26!