Fortnitemares is a New Step in the Right Direction

Epic Games continues to bring their spooky spirit for this season.

Fortnitemares is entirely based around Halloween horror film and stories. This latest patch they’ve incorporated into the battle royale mode is a challenging yet exciting new mode. With tons of new content.

By the edges of what used to be loot lake, a couple of mini-games can be found, exclusively in playground mode. They include a few target practice modes and a building exercise to help improve your skills in the game. As well as the stadium that we all love and even a boat because why not!

The developers added new challenges for this mode.

They will release more in the next few days as well. So giving you sprays, to even new gliders that looks pretty spooky. As well as a new skin Deadfire who’ll only be in the shop for a little while longer. The cool thing about him is that he levels up as you do the challenges. Just like a few of the season pass characters.

There is one big noticeable change.

The floating house in the center of the lake is completely destroyed. The house is in a few different pieces, with land broken up all around the area. If you manage to look past that two new guns have been added into the game, one being a six shooter which is pretty much a cowboy gun. The crossbow has even managed to find its way back into the game and it’s still as fun as it was before. You won’t have to worry about ammo because it’s unlimited so have a blast. It doesn’t hurt to give a massive amount of damage to the monsters you’ll face.

Fortnitemares is part of the normal game modes.

If you do solo, duos, or even squads! It’s still the same rules, be the last man standing, but with monsters all over the place. From the looks of it, they’re spawning from shards of the cube, and the only way to stop them from spawning is destroying the shard, in which they’re coming from. It’s pretty fun because when you’re in a game and can’t find anyone, this will keep you busy and entertained.

One thing about the monsters is it’s easy to get overrun by them. They’ll destroy your buildings so be careful. When you see players being chased they are easy to jump on, so make sure it doesn’t happen to you. If your build does get destroyed when you are high up, have no fear because gliders are now be redeployed. So when you’re falling from great heights you can deploy your glider to evade taking fall damage.

Play this mode before it’s gone because it won’t be here for long!