Fortnite Getaway Review


Photo Courtesy: Epic Games

Luis Gutierrez, Podcast Director

As everyone knows Fortnite is one of the biggest games around right now. Everyone and their mommas are playing this game. With every update, Epic Games tends to raise the bar and more than often they succeed in it. This time they try to do the same with the newest mode “The Getaway.”

The new squad-based mode is pretty straightforward. Open the vault get the jewel aka the Lama and make it to the floating vans without dying. Just as a traditional squad, the game can include a 100 people in a group of 4 or less. It’s pretty fast paced because the circle loads up immediately. With a number of vault safes dropping in random locations just outside the circle. There’s updates when the jewels are picked up and where it’s headed. And whoever is carrying the jewel, as long as they make it to the van the whole squad wins.

But even if one squad gets away with the jewel the game doesn’t just end for everyone. Once the jewels are all collected. It comes to a complete end. So if you missed the first one, go hunt down the other players before it’s too late.

Since the mode does give you the circle almost right away you can surely bet that there’ll be a good number of people chasing after the jewel. Giving you almost no time to mine for materials. This way, the game slightly makes up for that, all weapons are blue grade and above so every shot counts. And the grappling hook does call in for some fun escape routes and nice kills.

Just like the game itself. It’s at its peak when playing with friends. But the mode does get a little repetitive at times as it becomes a task of who can capture the jewel the fastest. One of the biggest selling points was Epic stating this would be the next “Thanos” mode. Although the game is very fun, I think it’s not nearly on the same level as that.

This mode is just like every other mode and is only going to be here for a limited time. So be sure to play it and complete the challenges they added so you can grab that special loot before it’s all gone!