ESPN Will Have Ninja On This Issue Cover

Being considered a “professional gamer” usually has a funny tone to it. But now with Esports on the rise that has been going away. Colleges are offering scholarships to play video games on their behalf, and people are even scouted to play in pro-leagues. With huge followings and fan base.

As stated before it has been an uphill battle to be taken a little serious. But one man has helped change the mind of the general public. That man is the Fortnite super star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, he did a stream with Drake a few months ago and that skyrocketed him to fame. After that he became the face of gaming and broke record after record for having so many people watch him.

With all this fame came tons of sponsorships like Redbull and even Samsung. With all these partnerships it has only helped him grow as a streamer/public figure. Almost everyone who plays Fortnite knows the name Ninja and what he can do in the game.

This past tuesday (Sept 17) he had announced on twitter that he will be on the cover of ESPN the Magazine. This is huge because he will be the first Pro Gamer to ever be on the cover of. It is important to add that ESPN does cover Esports but has never put anyone in the field on the cover. This issue will focus a little more on gaming, as well as an in depth story of what goes on behind the scenes as he streams. As well as what he plans to do in the future and his day to day life.

The magazine hits stores friday Sept. 21