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The Game of Thrones Season 8 Playlist on Spotify is Here

Cesar E. Gonzalez, Reporter April 11, 2019

The final countdown to the last season of Game of Thrones featured on HBO is finally upon us! What better way to guess an outcome of the finale with the announcement of a music playlist. Titled, "Game...

A San Bernardino sign shows snow along the northbound 15 Freeway at the Cajon Pass

Snow Arrives in Malibu, Pasadena, West Hollywood

Podcast Director , Erika Suarez February 25, 2019

Waking up to a cold toilet seat has been a morning routine and consistently having the heater on is not ideal for a broke college student living in Los Angeles. The real question is, when will this...

Ben Affleck in

Why Ben Affleck is the Greatest Live Action Batman

Sam Garcia, Staff Writer February 11, 2019

Christian Bale. Michael Keaton. These are the first names to come to mind when you think of Batman. Or more specifically, who the BEST Batman is. Even Adam West's iteration of the Dark Knight, in all...

There have been 307 mass shooting in 2018, according to the Gun Violence Archive, including the Borderline Bar & Grill shooting in Thousand Oaks.

Guns & Violence: Are We Really Ready?

Cesar Gonzalez, Opinion Editor November 13, 2018

At any given time or place, an active gun-shooting can happen. Whether it be at your local corner store, favorite family restaurant,  the movie theatre, workplace, or in school. This is the startling...

Anime Wars: Sub or Dub?

Anime Wars: Sub or Dub?

Erika Suarez , Digital Editor-in-Chief October 26, 2018

There’s nothing like a good old war between anime sub or dubs. Who is the better successor? Anime fans have battled through this discussion, quite too many times. Both have its advantages, but can one...

When it comes to casting herself as the villain, Azealia Banks has raised her wand of opinions against Lana Del Rey. Both women are known to have affiliation with using witchcraft.

The Battle of Words & Witches: Banks vs Del Rey

Cesar E. Gonzalez, Opinion Editor October 18, 2018

Azealia Banks is a well-known music artist, producer, and rapper. After her 2017 album, Slay-Z, she worked in releasing her top singles, “Treasure Island” and “Anna Wintour.” She has also made...

Shortly after his arrest, high school people who knew him took on social media to voice their opinions.

Could High School Bullying Help Create A Killer?

Luis Gutierrez, Podcast Director October 9, 2018

Full disclaimer: murder is never okay no matter what you’re going through. This is the writer's own opinion on what he believes the outcomes of being bullied can escalate to. This is not blaming anyone...

The Problem with Men Dating Older Women

The Problem with Men Dating Older Women

Danielle Anzures , Reporter August 31, 2018

There’s always been this knee jerk reaction people have when they find out a man is dating an older woman. When it comes to telling family members this reaction can be more prominent. The idea that...

Childish Gambino “This Is America” Message

Dante Lopez-Bennett, Copy Editor July 9, 2018

This week Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover: rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, director, etc. released his “This Is America” single with a mind-blowing visual to accompany it. Literally. The...

Light skin, Dark Skin, Asian Persuasion, Can Anyone Have Them all Without Being the Subject of Hating and Alleged Cultural Appropriation?

Dante Lopez-Bennett, Copy Editor July 9, 2018

Cultural appropriation is wrong as much as humanity is stupid.   There are certain things that evoke outrage. Black rappers in confederate flags are frowned upon. White frat boys in dashikis...

Wake Up Mr. West, Mr. West

Dante Lopez-Bennett, Copy Editor July 9, 2018

Americans, unbeknownst even to Wall Street, place a lot of stock into what their celebrities have to say. Why we tend to gather our opinions and allegiances from the words of others is something I’ll...

Do What’s Left Of You, Mr. Comey

Dante Lopez-Bennett, Copy Editor July 9, 2018

We all look to officials for putting rules in place and ending madness’ rampant monotony, though I fear we’ve grown to only be wary of the fire-headed nuclear obscenity wielding tyrant like the most...

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