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Contestant Jezel Alanis in front of a classic car with an altar. Alanis won first place for the Catrina costume contest on October 8 at Uptown Whittier for Los Muertos festival.

Honoring the Dead: Uptown’s Día de Los Muertos Festival

Written by Christopher Araujo, Online EIC
Oct 9, 2023

Uptown Whittier hosted the 18th year anniversary “Los Muertos” festival on 8 of October. With lots of festivities ranging from Alta car exhibits, live...

Breaking News Update: 22-Year-Old Suspect Released From Custody

Written by Luis Martinez, Staff
Nov 18, 2022

As of Nov. 18, Nicholas Gutierrez, the suspected driver in the Wednesday morning sheriff recruit's accident has been released from custody. This comes...

Breaking News: 24 Victims Injured in Whittier Crash

Written by Luis Martinez, Staff
Nov 16, 2022

This morning, Nov. 16, a car slammed into a group of recruits on a morning run off of the intersection of Telegraph Road and Mills Ave. At least 24...

Consuelo Food Review

Written by Carlos Jimenez
May 21, 2022

This small owned business which is soon to pop off in the summer of 2022. With exciting news coming up in the next few months it was an honor to be able...

Tierra Mexico Review

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Apr 15, 2022

This food review consists of Mexican breakfast with a mix of American. Tierra Mexico is located in the center of Long Beach. It's a pop up restaurant which...

Mexican American and Chicano Movies of the 1980s: From “Zoot Suit” to “Stand and Deliver”

Written by Jeffrey Barragan, Copy Editor
Mar 17, 2022

Four of the most important and influential Mexican American and Latinx movies came out in the 1980s. The movies “Zoot Suit,” “La Bamba,” “Stand...

Rio Hondo Versus Antelope Valley

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Mar 11, 2022

Rio Versus Antelope Valley The Roadrunners last result was a very tight game coming to a final result of five-to-four. Overall, with some missing players,...

Women’s Volleyball At San Diego City

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Mar 10, 2022

The lady Roadrunner Volleyball team is returning with the game in hand just in another scene. This time we see these ladies going out and playing in the...

El Paisano Sweeps JACC 2022

Written by Ryan Leon, Online Editor-in-Chief
Mar 8, 2022

Despite stiff competition, there are more awards heading back to the newsroom at Rio Hondo College. El Paisano Media won nine out of 11 contests at the...

Ukraine Holds Strong Against Russian Onslaught

Written by Lorenzo Arce, Copy Editor
Mar 1, 2022

The Conflict Escalates The Ukrainian people have held off the Russian Army with the support of much of the free world; However, Putin has put his nuclear...

Compton At Rio Hondo

Written by Carlos Jimenez
Feb 25, 2022

Last Game Recap Male Roadrunners visited Long Beach in a game which was heavily in their favor. The first half was controlled by the roadrunners but as...

Russia Invades Ukraine; US Responds with Sanctions as the World Watches

Written by Lorenzo Arce, Copy Editor
Feb 25, 2022

On Feb 24, President Vladimir Putin announced Russian troops are undertaking what he calls “special military action” across Ukraine. This is the largest...

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