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Schools Brace for Reopening

Masks, sanitizer, and 10-15 student classes become the new norm for students in the U.S.

Ethan Huang, Reporter

October 15, 2020

In the seventh month of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the nation are still discussing how to effectively reopen schools. The top priorities for these schools: being health-conscious while maintaining productivity for students. Experimental Education After the initial shutdown in March, there ha...

President Trump Lifts Ban on TikTok Temporarily

The TikTok deal was approved by President Donald Trump

Alyson Gonzalez, Reporter

September 22, 2020

The Trump administration announced their plans to ban TikTok, a popular social network app, from downloading on Sunday, September 20. Users who have the app downloaded on their phone will still be able to use it, but there won’t be any updates. Any other individuals that want to download the app w...

Remembering the Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Remembering the Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Juan Huerta, Reporter

September 19, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, best known for her accomplishments in the United States Supreme Court, has died at the age of 86. Ruth Bader Ginsburg paved the way for many women and minorities with her powerful actions against conservatives. She was a scholar, lawyer, judge, justice and a mother with dreams of...

Guide to Voting 2020

California residents can head to the vote.gov site for further information on the upcoming 2020 Elections.

Clarissa Martinez

September 16, 2020

With Election Day right around the corner, the USPS is expected to be running the show this year due to the ongoing pandemic. USPS will be mailing every American a Vote-By-Mail ballot twenty-nine days prior to election. Election Day is on November 3. Voters can also choose to vote in-person. There will...

The 24 Hour Protest In Front of Whittier City Hall

The 24 Hour Protest In Front of Whittier City Hall

July 17, 2020

It’s been more than three weeks since the activist group Heart of Whittier started their 24 hour protest in front of Whittier city hall. The goal of the protest is to have the city open an emergency shelter as soon as possible to house the homeless until the Salvation Army Shelter the city counci...

BLM protests reach Whittier

BLM protests reach Whittier

Michael Saakyan, Contributor

June 1, 2020

Crowds gathered in front of the Whittier Police Station Sunday, demanding justice for the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died while being detained by a Minneapolis police officer.  The death of George Floyd has sparked protests throughout the country leading many to loot and r...

Annual Whittier Area Classic Car Show Sparks Memories

Annual Whittier Area Classic Car Show Sparks Memories

David Medina, Editor In Chief

February 25, 2020

The Annual Whittier Area Classic Car Show is hosted by the Whittier Area Community Church. The Church is located on Mar Vista and Colima. The event is open to the public and all different types of vehicles and collector vehicles 1976 and older. Additionally this events entertainment includes differen...

Park Closed After Emergency City Council Meeting

 Megan Ortega's sister pleading to the audience to have sympathy for those at the encampments, January 6, 2020 - There was a dichotomy between the audience's perception of the homeless individuals, between criminals and addicts in need of help.

Diana Juarez, Associate Editor

January 8, 2020

Mayor Joe Vinatieri of the city of Whittier called for an emergency city council meeting January 6th, 2020 after a 22 year old woman was found dead at Parnell Park on New Year’s morning.

“Back On The Bike”

December 17, 2019

By Garrett Gioia

Whittier’s Brand New News Publication

Whittier's Brand New News Publication

Noah Garcia, Associate Editor

December 12, 2019

Whittier's brand new print publication,  GreenLeaf Guardian, considers itself the watchdog of the city. Through its paper, it's determined to foster the growth of its readers the city it calls home. 

Whittier’s Guildhall E-Sports Bar

Owner Spencer Cox, Cleaning the taps.

Noah Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

May 22, 2019

There has alway been a tough choice to make: whether to stay home in a comfortable environment and relax or go out into the world and socialize. Now you can have the best of both worlds, as the Guildhall Esports Bar just opened in Uptown Whittier. Opening May 10, The establishment has created a relaxing atmosphere for those who want the comfort of home but also want the experience of going out.

No Home, No Help, No Hope

No Home, No Help, No Hope

Noah Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

May 17, 2019

the residents of the Whittier Greenbelt have been cleared out by a combination of  law enforcement, social services and Caltrans , April 22, 2019. With the 38 tent community disassembled, many of the residents have been sent off, either on their own accord or to accept Whittier Area First Day two month hotel vouchers.It’s been weeks since the clean out and Whittier has already begun plans to make sure such an encampment would never form again.

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