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Due to the pandemic, ballots were sent out months in advance.

California Says “No” to the Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom

Lorenzo Arce, Digital Editor-in-Chief September 15, 2021

Gov. Gavin Newsom remains in office after the special recall failed tonight. With 65% of the vote in his favor, Newsom succeeded in stopping one of 46 candidates from taking office. Newsom was able to rally his base around the his “Stop the Republican Recall” campaign that drew support from celebrities,...

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Forward and Captain Carlos Vela made four assists and scored the winning goal against Real Salt Lake. LAFC currently stands in fifth place, with 21 points in the Western Conference.

LAFC Dominates on their Home Field

Mimi Castellanos, Digital Editor in Chief July 19, 2021

On July 17, LAFC met with Real Salt Lake at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. Meeting for the second time this season, LAFC looks for a second victory against RSL and a third straight win. While Jesùs Murillo (94) sits on a yellow card, and Kim Moon-Whan (33) recovering from a knee...

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Cadets from the Rio Hondo Fire Academy graduated at the Santa Fe Springs facilities on Thursday May 27.

Class 96 Rio Hondo College Fire Academy 2021 Graduates

Mimi Castellanos, Digital Editor in Chief May 29, 2021

On May 27, 2021, Rio Hondo’s College Regional Fire Academy held a ceremony for the graduating Class 96. Starting with 60 Cadets, 48 of them, two being women will move on as firefighters in the field as graduates. The Dean of Public Safety Division Mark Yokoyama congratulates Class 96 Fire Academy,...

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A map showing the shootings that have happened in the past couple weeks in Los Angeles.

Freeway Shootings Throughout Los Angeles

John Rodriguez, News/Photo Editor May 26, 2021

There have been multiple shootings along the 91 freeway over the last couple of weeks. They have happened across Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties. This has been a disturbing pattern to many people living in the area. As it seems like a freeway shooting is happening once a day now, many of the...

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Alhambra, Hacienda Heights, and San Gabriel were established from 1771-1961. Each cities crime rate has heightened within the past years. According to, Alhambra is rated 23, Hacienda heights 41, and San Gabriel 27, (100 being the safest).

Three Shootings Occur Back to Back in One Week

Mimi Castellanos, Digital Editor in Chief May 25, 2021

Last week, multiple shootings have been taking place in neighboring cities. From San Gabriel to Hacienda Heights, three shootings and deaths occurred and are under investigation. Hacienda Heights Shooting Thursday May 20, Los Angeles deputies got a call at 1am of nearby gunshots around Hacienda Heights....

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The loss of Palestinian land over the years. All surrounding Arab nations have gone to war with Israel in support of Palestine at least once.

Israel and Palestine shell each other; Igniting Long Standing Tensions

Lorenzo Arce, Digital Editor-in-Chief May 19, 2021

Starting May 10, the States of Israel and the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip have bombarded each other relentlessly. This marks the most recent escalation violence between the nations in recent times. Where it all began  Palestinians and Israel have had tension between each other...

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Some of former President Donald Trump’s latest post on his new platform.

Donald Trump Launches His Communications Platform

Lorenzo Arce, Digital Editor-in-Chief May 14, 2021

Former president Donald Trump launched a communications platform to relay messages to his followers on May 4. The site “From The Desk Of Donald J. Trump” has gained criticism ever since the idea of it was first conceived.   Trump has touted the idea of his own social media site since his...

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Gunman's white Jeep after being in standoff with the police on 91 freeway.

Gunman Opens Fire on Five People, Kills Two

John Rodriguez, News/Photo Editor May 3, 2021

Early Tuesday morning, a series of drive by shootings at different locations in Los Angeles left two dead. The suspect gunman had led the police to a three-hour pursuit and a deadly freeway standoff in Orange County. Authorities stated that the gunman died in the shootout on the Orange County freeway.  The...

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Terrence Clark, 19, was one of the best basketball recruits the Boston area saw in this past decade. He was described to be a prolific scorer and also a very athletic shooting guard.

NBA Draft Prospect Terrence Clarke, 19, Dies in Car Crash in Los Angeles Area

Enrique Medina, Broadcast Director April 26, 2021

Terrence Clarke, a beloved Freshman guard from the Kentucky Wildcats this past season, died in a car crash Thursday in the Los Angeles Area. Clarke was only 19 years old.  Clarke was a star freshman at Kentucky this past year. He averaged 9.6 points, 2.6 rebounds, 2.0 assists and shot 42.1% from...

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There are around 5 earthquakes with a magnitude of 3.o or higher each year in California

3.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Huntington Park

Fernando Ramos, Executive Sports Editor April 7, 2021

On Thursday, many citizens were surprised and woken up with a 3.2 magnitude earthquake just 1 mile off Huntington Park. The earthquake was felt a little less than 9 miles away from the epicenter of the earthquake. In a state that is constantly under the threat of a big earthquake happening at any time...

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DTLA view from Echo Park.

The Crackdown at Echo Park

Hundreds of homeless people evicted out of Echo Park.
Viviana Reyes, Host of Rio Round Up April 6, 2021

Echo Park Lake is a famous Los Angeles landmark with it’s swan boats and beautiful view of the LA skyline. The man-made lake was a reservoir but later turned into a park in 1892. The spot is a popular tourist attraction in movies, tv shows, that  locals love to relax at. The homeless problem became...

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Boston Pride forward Carlee Turner played in the JWHL with the Winter Hawks from 2013-2017. She first signed a one year deal with Boston Pride and one of the first timers to be an Isobel Cup Champion.

NWHL: Boston Pride First Two-Time Winning Isobel Cup Champions

Mimi Castellanos, Digital Editor in Chief April 5, 2021

As the NWHL continue their Isobel Cup, Boston Pride take home their second Isobel Cup win since 2016. On March 26, the NWHL finally finish their long-awaited tournament season. With semi finals and finals being televised, they were also broadcasted by an all-female crew. As Boston advanced to the final...

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