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Protagonist Aloy glides over a vast landscape with her trusty shield wing; preparing to face the threats waiting in the valley below. The shield wing is a new traversal tool that allows Aloy to drop from great heights safely.

Horizon Forbidden West Review

Ryan Leon, Online Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2022

With the success of “Horizon Zero Dawn,” developer Guerrilla Games has proved to be one of the best development studios. Now, with the release of their sequel, “Horizon Forbidden West,” that has been proven once again. It's safe to say that Guerrilla has taken Zero Dawn's success and  continued...

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Halo Infinite has finally arrived after a long wait and so far it was worth the wait.

Halo Infinite Came Early

Justin Gomez November 18, 2021

On Nov 15,  Halo Infinite dropped early. Three weeks early to be exact which got a positive reaction by the community. People have been waiting a whole year for this game to drop. It was delayed so much due to the pandemic so the developers ran into a lot of road bumps. This upset a lot of people when...

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Released on Nov. 12, 2020, the PS5 remains in high demand due to it being incredibly difficult to purchase. A worldwide chip shortage is making it challenging for Sony to produce more of these critically acclaimed and seemingly rare gaming consoles.

PlayStation 5: One Year Later

Ryan Leon, Online Editor-in-Chief November 9, 2021

Nov 12 marks the one-year anniversary of the Sony PlayStation 5 console’s release. Debuting with two different versions (disk and digital) the PS5 allowed gamers to choose what console they wanted more based on their preference. Costing $100 more than the digital model, the standard disk edition...

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Mt.Sac at Rio Hondo

Mt.Sac at Rio Hondo

Carlos Jimenez, Reporter November 2, 2021

Rio Hondo at East LA Looking at each team record we can clearly see the roadrunners are favorites. Nevertheless in soccer nowadays anyone can win. Back to the match Rio came in with over five games in conference games. Only suffering 1 loss in over seventeen games is impressive which c;ear;y states...

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Twitch usually serves a good gauge for a games general popularity. While interest in Call of Duty, one of Activisions spearhead series, its still very popular. Its hard to say if the drop has to do with the details of the lawsuit coming to light, or if it has to do with waning interest due to competition. Regardless, its telling when considering the impact of the lawsuit.

California Lawsuit Against Activision Blizzard Complicates Following Federal Settlement

Brandon Ramirez, Opinion Co-Editor October 25, 2021

The lawsuit filed against games company Activision Blizzard by the California Department for Employment and Housing (DFEH) has been strained following the results of a separate lawsuit by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The DFEH ran a two year long investigation of the...

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Battlefield 2042 introduces the next step in the dynamic weather systems and levelution systems of past titles by having large, game impacting events happening at random, like tornadoes that can suck up players and throw them around.

Battlefield 2042 Beta: Concerned and Hyped

Brandon Lee Ramirez, Reporter October 12, 2021

Access to the Battlefield 2042 Beta began on Oct 6 through Oct 9. The first two days were only open for people who preordered the game, with the open beta beginning on the latter two. 2024 is set to be released in Nov, but the beta gives fans a chance to experience a slice of the game before the official...

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Apex Legends implements a seasons system, where each season brings big updates that can impact the metagame. This constantly evolving format also brings special events like season eights War Games event.

Live Services : The Future of Video Games

Brandon Ramirez, Opinion Co-Editor September 28, 2021

What and Where Within the last decade, the face of the games industry has changed and shifted in a multitude of ways. The current state of the industry is inundated with forms of interaction, monetization, and play that were either entirely unavailable a decade ago, or at least not as widely used. A...

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Protagonist Kena must meditate in the forest to prepare for her next fight with evil spirits. Meditating is crucial to improving Kenas health.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review

Ryan Leon, Online Editor-in-Chief September 27, 2021

Developed by Ember Lab, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a new action/adventure video game. It is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC (personal computer). In this adventure, you play as Kena, a young female lead who is referred to as a spirit guide. The Beauty of Kena Visually, the game...

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Speculation that Activision Blizzard stock is going to rebound has begun as the stock has began to stabilize, despite the lawsuit from shareholders.

State Of California Sues Activision Blizzard

Brandon Lee Ramirez, Reporter September 20, 2021

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing is suing games publisher Activision Blizzard after a two year investigation. The suit was filed on July 20, alleging that Activision Blizzard was violating California’s workplace protections. The suit brings to light the “frat boy” culture...

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A really good way to gauge interest in these big intellectual properties while also get a feel for numbers is by looking at Twitch. Each of the games listed are cross platform, and allow for crossplay. And, they only represent views streams of these games were getting, but theyre really telling when considering how popular they are worldwide. With such large reach its not surprising Sony pushed Epic for Fortnite.

Epic v. Apple

No Place For Heroes
Brandon Lee Ramirez, Reporter May 19, 2021

Open Secrets All bets are off. The open secrets of the games industry that were brought up in the loot box hearings continue to be dredged up in the Epic v. Apple case. The suit was based around Apple charging commission for use of the App Store, and Epic Games trying to get around it. When the lawsuit...

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The Nintendo Switch is rated as one of the most popular video game consoles to date. The versatility to be able to use it as a home system and a portable device is the biggest selling point. For $20 gamers can get a year long subscription to Nintendo’s online subscription service. It is the cheapest you can find compared to other leading competitors such as Xbox and Playstation.

The Virtual World

Raymond Luna, Social Media April 28, 2021

The Bad Video games are often depicted as harmful and manipulative. The bad rep comes from the country's problem of mass shootings, depression, and poor mental health. Countries such as Venezuela banned the sales and distribution of video games all together due to a large amount of violence across the...

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Monster Hunter Rise is an action RPG that sends players off to hunt monsters, equip weapons and upgrade armor. The game is currently available where video games are sold and on Nintendo’s Eshop.

Monster Hunter Rise

A definite must-buy video game for 2021.
Raymond Luna, Social Media April 15, 2021

Monster Hunter Rise released on the Nintendo Switch March 26, 2021. For $59.99 you get the standard edition (just a copy of the game). For $69.99 is the deluxe edition (includes the game and DLC). The collector's edition retails for $99.99 and comes with pins, stickers, DLC and a Magnamallo Amiibo figure. Synopsis “Monster...

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