Mr. Torta’s Tantalizing Treats


Photo Credit: Luis

Sandro Magaña serves a multitude of hot and cold treats at his and his family’s new shop in Huntington Beach. Calif.

Mr. Torta Fruit & Juice is a family-owned snack shop that opened up on April 13 in Huntington Park, Calif. The spot brings a refreshing, authentic Mexican taste to the neighborhood with its tortas, snacks, and cold drinks.

The owner and founder Sandro Magaña has had much experience cooking because of his background. Magaña said, “I was inspired to open this place because of my father. He was the one who started cooking and he was the one who taught me everything I know. He owned a place in Mexico that sold items just like this one today.”

The ingredients matter to reach true authenticity. Mr. Torta is proud to use fresh ingredients. The fruit is bought daily to ensure the highest standard is met. It’s not just the owner who raves about their quality. “To be honest it’s all good. Up until now, I’ve had bionicos and tortas. It’s something good, something spectacular,” said customer Andres Montoya-Sevilla.

The Food

El Paisano was able to sample a torta combinada (a mixed torta), torta de panela (a panela cheese torta), esquite nachos, a bionico, and a cookies and cream milkshake. Sliced chilies on the side come with the tortas. They feature creamy mayonnaise, diced lettuce, tomato slices, and onions. The torta combinada featured a mix of the meats offered while the other used panela cheese. The crispy bread provided a nice contrast for the softer insides and no ingredient overpowered any other. The result was a balanced meal with a bit of everything.

The esquite nachos used crispy corn tortilla chips, creamy nacho cheese, corn kernels, mayonnaise, and powdered cheese. The bionico used vanilla yogurt, a mix of fruits, and coconut. The cold yogurt complemented the hot food as well, as the sweetness of the treat The milkshake had a nice blend of vanilla and chocolate and cookie taste. Sweeter than other milkshakes, Mr. Tortas had a solid taste of lechera to make the flavor more reminiscent of a Mexican dessert.