Mass Media and Its Many Forms, But Which is the Favorite?

Music is played daily, video games, movies, and social media are all popular forms of entertainment today. It’s no surprise that media of all forms impacts our daily lives, but which platform is your favorite?


Two of the most popular music services, Spotify and Apple Music, are used everyday by millions of users. At the time of writing this opinion piece, I’m using Spotify to stream music while working. It’s not shocking that music is played everyday, but rather what platform is used to stream music.

Video Games

Video games are another form of media, with consoles like the Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch being the most popular. As an owner of all three consoles, I find myself using the Playstation the most often. Everyone has their own choice of course, but I believe Playstation games have more replayability than Xbox and Switch games. It is worth noting that each console has their own exclusive games, which does play a factor in picking a console to play.

Movies and Social Media

Movies are available nearly everywhere, whether it be theaters or streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and more. I use HBO Max the most for movies, but I will occasionally go to theaters to watch a movie. Social media and movies tie together, as social media can help promote movies. Besides advertisements, platforms such as TikTok and YouTube provide entertainment for hours provided by content creators. I find myself using TikTok the most,  just to watch videos I find funny to send to friends and family.

Personal Favorites

As I mentioned before, I use Spotify everyday to listen to music while I work, or even while I play video games. But which form of media is my favorite? I find video games to be my favorite form of media. I play video games to unwind after school and after doing work for the day. Of course, I try not to play for long or everyday, just something to enjoy in my free time.