Hit or Miss: World Cup 2022

Qatar Hit or Miss

The FIFA World Cup  is a worldwide sensation many soccer fans anticipate waiting for. Even though it takes place every four years, fans still go crazy to see who gets crowned the best nation in the world for soccer. The World Cup bring many people from  different nations to enjoy the game. Nevertheless, no matter where you go, there’s always someone or something related to soccer.

As a fanatic who enjoys the game of soccer and loves watching it, too we can all agree what this game can bring. It is able to bring people together from different nations and places to come together and enjoy themselves.

This edition of the World Cup is taking place in Qatar, a place where money talks.  The FIFA federation is hosting the World Cup in a city mostly filled with fancy buildings, rather than fields. Fifa’s idea of Qatar hosting the world cup was a hit or miss for a country with no history whatsoever with sports. Especially for an event like the World Cup it just leaves them with high expectations.

Regarding the fact that Qatar is bidding but also spending billions of dollars to host the cup is surprising. Looking at past World Cups spending, it is nothing close to what Qatar spending is. Recently, on TikTok, many fans have seen that FIFA is paying fans to support other countries. Making it seem like this World Cup is filled with lots of people but in reality, it is paid actors trying to set an example. 

Here is why you could see this happening: many believe this place didn’t deserve the bid. Second, it is in a city where fans have strict rules to follow. The main one is drinking and partying which is part of the World Cup pregame. Fans like to gather around to cheer and chant the national anthem.

Another example is the Mexico fans. They have a crazy fan base who are always there showing love to their country. We witnessed this in the past World Cup in Russia, where Mexicans around the world were showing support. Their videos of not just the players on the field singing but fans singing along with them.

Looking at where the tournament is, many people can see why there aren’t many fans roaming the streets of Qatar. From the policies they implied to the weather, and of course looking at how advanced Qatar life is.