Cyber Monday vs Black Friday: Should They Be One?


Photo Credit: Logan Aguayo

A gift bag sitting on a laptop representing online shopping, with the laptop showing the Amazon website.

With Thanksgiving coming, Black Friday and Cyber Monday follow up the holiday with discounts to help start Christmas shopping. Cyber Monday refers to a day of online shopping deals, and Black Friday refers to a day of deals that shoppers can find in-store.

They Should Be One

Cyber Monday is strictly online shopping, but Black Friday has seen an upwards trend towards online shopping deals as well. Amazon, one of the largest online shopping industries, offers both Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals to shoppers. Other companies, like Target, have offered Black Friday deals in stores, but have now started to offer Black Friday discounts online.

With the world being in the digital age, it seems as though Black Friday and Cyber Monday can merge as one. Together, Black Friday and Cyber Monday can offer discounts the weekend after Thanksgiving, instead of one day each.

Even though Black Friday is one day of discounts, companies like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target offer deals up to one week before. It almost seems as though the entire month of November is dedicated to Black Friday deals.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday would seemingly benefit from merging to create discounts for multiple companies and shoppers. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are different from each other, the digital world helps unite both as one.

The Ease of Online Shopping

With technology being integral in the world, shopping for Black Friday deals is easier for online shoppers. Instead of shoppers fighting in-store, which is common during Black Friday, online shopping is as easy as adding items to your cart, and checking out. 

In the end, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are similar to each other with the help of online shopping.