Weekly Horoscopes: November 15-21


This week you desire a deep connection with someone. This can be a friendship or relationship. You want to feel understood, but also connect with someone intellectually. This week is the perfect time to find this connection you desire; put yourself out there. 


This week you will feel like you aren’t making progress in some aspect in your life. This can be related to a relationship, the connection with this person is very important to you. Whether this has to do with a friend, co-worker, or family member it is important to interact with this person.


This week should begin by believing you can do anything. That kind of positive energy sets you up for a successful week. Take the opportunities into consideration and pick what benefits you most. Not acting on these opportunities can lead to disappointment. 


This week your schedule will be very busy. Beginning the week you will realize that a lot requires your attention. But you are already busy as it is, therefore it might be overwhelming. Make sure to take time for yourself out in order to reduce stress. 


This week is a great time to start a new class or some kind of project that is interesting to you. Lately you desire activities that spread knowledge or offer an opportunity to learn. The goal is to do something intellectually stimulating.


This week you will realize you made yourself clear by giving someone advice lately. But instead, this person left without hearing what you had to say. But later this week, that same person will make you an offer that will benefit you. It is up to you to choose to take it or not. 


This week money is on your mind. You are feeling positive and the motivation is flowing. This may relate to your need to have a stable future. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, use that motivation to get more money.


This week a small problem will drive you nuts! Your instinct is to immediately fix it, this is not the case here. The best thing you can do is ask someone for advice who is not involved in this issue. They can provide a different perspective that you didn’t see before.


This week will start off with you feeling strongly about a situation. You feel as if your emotions are in control of your life. This is a great time to reflect on how you can be more in control instead of your emotions controlling you. 


This week you might have a serious talk with someone. You might have put this off for a long time which is why you need to face this now. The reason you put this off might be because you know what you need to say is difficult. 


This week the wise thing to do is agree to disagree. Someone in your life is being very difficult. You are very open to fixing things, but this person is making it complicated. If you already tried, the best thing to do is walk away. 


This week you might come upon a huge purchase or something that will require spending money. It is important to take this seriously, seek experts who are experienced in this matter. Having someone who knows what they are doing can benefit you while making this important decision.