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Valeria Yanez is currently attending Rio Hondo College as a Journalism major. She is a Latina, first-generation college student who plans to pursue a career as a broadcast journalist. Growing up, she faced many challenges due to the language barrier, but that didn’t stop her passion for writing. Amongst her other interests is crystal healing and writing horoscopes. She enjoys acting and reviewing tv shows and films. Her goal is to make a difference in the world through her content and writing. She hopes to help others and make a positive impact in the world. She plans to further her education and skills as a journalist. She aspires to attend the University of Southern California.

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Weekly Horoscopes: December 6-12

Written by Valeria Yanez Dec 6, 2021

Sagittarius This week, think about what is important to you. You have many priorities. But one priority must stand above all. Decide what your main priority is. Once you do, focus on it and complete that...

Weekly Horoscopes: November 29 – December 5

Written by Valeria Yanez Nov 29, 2021

Sagittarius This week there is a lot on your schedule. But in reality, there are two things you should prioritize above all this week. Prioritize your well-being in order to have peace of mind. Find balance...

Weekly Horoscopes: November 22-28

Written by Valeria Yanez Nov 22, 2021

Sagittarius  Your manifestations will come to light. Anything you speak into the universe will manifest. You will encounter an opportunity that will come at a random time. Lastly, love will play a big...

Weekly Horoscopes: November 15-21

Written by Valeria Yanez Nov 15, 2021

Scorpio This week you desire a deep connection with someone. This can be a friendship or relationship. You want to feel understood, but also connect with someone intellectually. This week is the perfect...

Weekly Horoscopes: November 8-14

Written by Valeria Yanez Nov 8, 2021

Scorpio This week you will have the opportunity to help someone who has helped you in the past before. Do not underestimate what you can do for this person. This is your chance to pay back that kindness...

Weekly Horoscopes: November 1-7

Written by Valeria Yanez Nov 2, 2021

Scorpio This week you will find yourself having lost part of a relationship with someone. This is the chance to think about what you want. Is this person worth keeping in your life or are you better off...

Weekly Horoscopes: October 25-31

Written by Valeria Yanez Oct 25, 2021

Taurus  This week you will notice that you made a very great impression on some important people. These people might be influential in some way. Due to your outstanding first impression they might seek...

Weekly Horoscopes: October 18-24

Written by Valeria Yanez Oct 18, 2021

Scorpio This week as it begins you might want to try out a relaxing technique. Find a warm and cozy place to take in a deep breath, and slowly exhale. All while letting go of that anxiety and baggage....

Weekly Horoscopes: October 11-17

Written by Valeria Yanez Oct 11, 2021

Scorpio This week expects sparks flying between you and someone else. This can be a romantic interest. But it can also be someone you connect with intellectually. This is a relationship worth working...

Weekly Horoscopes: October 4-10

Written by Valeria Yanez Oct 4, 2021

Capricorn This week doing a good deed might not be the most pleasant thing to do. Following your conscience can be rewarding. Doing what is right is very fulfilling. Therefore be ready to be rewarded...

Weekly Horoscope: September 27 – October 3

Written by Valeria Yanez Sep 27, 2021

Aries: This week you may find yourself with restless energy. You may not know what to do with yourself due to this energy. Aries you are usually a high level energy person meaning that you thrive on your...

Netflix’s ‘Clickbait’ Limited Series: TV Review

Written by Valeria Yanez Sep 22, 2021

  Clickbait is a limited series that has reached the top 10 most viewed in the U.S. for Netflix. The series consists of eight episodes each being around forty to fifty minutes long. The show gives...

Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights: Giving Us the Comeback we Have All Been Waiting For

Written by Valeria Yanez and Yasmine Poot Sep 10, 2021

Covid Precautions Halloween Horror Nights 2021 is back this year with its greatest comeback yet. Last year's Covid-19 pandemic forced Universal studios to cancel halloween horror nights last October...

Weekly Horoscope May 24-30

Written by Valeria Yanez May 24, 2021

Pisces This week you find yourself dreaming and imagining a lot, this is nothing new for you. But Pisces you are going to have to pull yourself back into reality. Pulling yourself back will help you...

Weekly Horoscope: May 17-23

Written by Valeria Yanez May 17, 2021

Pisces This week the universe will help you evolve in anything you want to pursue. You have been thinking a lot about money pisces. You aren’t irresponsible regarding money but you do wish to obtain...

Weekly Horoscope: May 10-16

Written by Valeria Yanez May 10, 2021

Pisces: This week you’ll derail from your very well thought out plan. Do not be afraid this is a good thing. This will help you be more open minded and an artistic turn awaits you. Aquarius: This...

Weekly Horoscope: May 3-9

Written by Valeria Yanez May 4, 2021

Capricorn: This week Capricorn you may encounter some frustration when it comes to a long term goal you've been working on. Your hard work will not go in vain. This week you will realize that you've been...

Weekly Horoscope: April 26- May 2

Written by Valeria Yanez Apr 26, 2021

Pisces: This week you will find yourself experiencing a river of emotions. Although this is not an unusual experience for you, you will notice it more than ever this week. The reason is that you might...

Weekly Horoscope: April 19-25

Written by Valeria Yanez Apr 19, 2021

Aries: This week you will encounter a personal or even professional goal that you have for yourself. Even if you feel unsure about it, this week will be a good time to explore it. This a goal that has...

Weekly Horoscope April 12-18

Written by Valeria Yanez Apr 12, 2021

Capricorn: This week a friend of yours will reveal a secret. You might have an issue with keeping this secret. As it might affect someone close to you. Approach this situation carefully and think about...

Promising Young Woman Movie Review

Written by Valeria Yanez Apr 5, 2021

“Promising Young Woman'' is about a medical school drop out named Cassandra that is 30 years old. The movie shows the realities of sexual assault and how men have been excused for thier predatory behavior,...

[Video] Rio al Instante Ep.2 (March 27, 2021)

Written by Valeria Yanez Mar 29, 2021

Episode 2 of Rio al Instante is about the Vatican and their decision whether to bless same-sex unions or not. It is also about Australia’s protests in March and about Switzerland's COVID strategy. Italy,...

Weekly Horoscope

Written by Valeria Yanez Mar 22, 2021

Capricorn: This week you’ll be more talkative, you’ll find yourself being more communicative. It’s not that you don't usually communicate well because you do. But during this week you’ll find it...

Residents in South L.A. Can Get Free or Discounted Uber Rides to USC Vaccination Site

Written by Valeria Yanez Mar 14, 2021

South L.A. residents will be able to get the vaccine for COVID-19. Uber and the city of Los Angeles is partnering up. Uber will provide residents with discounted and free rides to the University of Southern...

[Video] Rio al Instante (12 de Marzo, 2021)

Mar 12, 2021

Episode description: News about the snow storm that happened throughout the U.S, humanitarian problem in Yemen, Dolphins found dead in Mozambique, Covax, Johnson & Johnson vaccine, landslide in Italy,...

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel Review

Written by Valeria Yanez Mar 11, 2021

Many may remember the infamous disappearance of Elisa Lam back in February of 2013. Lam went missing after never checking out of her hotel room in the Cecil Hotel. However everyone wanted to know what...


Trump’s Tax Records are in Possession of Manhattan District Attorney

Written by Valeria Yanez Mar 2, 2021

The District Attorneys Office of Manhattan has taken hold of ex-president Donald Trump's tax records. This Monday's last ruling gained access to Trump's long-awaited and sealed tax records. Danny Frost...

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