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Rio Hondo Helps Students With Balancing Their Wellness With Workshop

Photo Credit: Samantha Marin
Vanessa Cerano, a Student Success Coach at Rio Hondo College, gives presentation on balancing overall wellness on Wednesday Nov. 22, 2023.

Wednesday November 22nd, Rio Hondo College held a Balancing Overall Wellness workshop for students. The main goal of the workshop was to teach students about wellness and how to incorporate wellness into their lives.

The speaker Vanessa Cerano, a student success coach at Rio Hondo, gave a presentation on balancing your overall wellness.

What Does Wellness Mean And Why It’s Important?

What is wellness? Cerano explains that wellness is an integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well being. It is a more dynamic process of change and growth. She elaborates that there are different dimensions to wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, financial, and environmental.

“It is where people can feel the body, engage the mind, and nurture the spirit,” said Cerano.

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Cerano goes on to explain why wellness is an important thing to have, especially for students. It’s important to take a step back in order to keep yourself from getting too stressed or burnt out to the point that it starts affecting your wellness.

“I feel like we tend to get so busy and caught up doing other things that we get to the point where we’re burnt out and we’re kind of stuck with like okay what do we do?” said Cerano. “But I think if you focus on things that can help you with your wellness or kind of just do like a destresser, I think it’s really important.”

Things That Could Affect Your Overall Wellness

In her presentation, Cerano also gave some ideas on things that could potentially cause wellness to be affected. She mentions how these are important things to look out for or to keep in mind in order to not let it hurt your wellness.

“Some things that often come up would probably be burnout where you kind of hit like a wall where you’re overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do,” said Cerano. “Procrastination could be an issue that could affect your well being, kind of cause more stress and anxiety.”

Tips To Help Maintain Your Wellness

Cerano also gave some tips that can help maintain wellness and to keep it in check.

“Something I recommend is to give yourself breaks throughout the day,” said Cerano. “Try to take time for yourself, go on walks. If you need to practice self-care, put on some face masks and watch your favorite show, definitely do that.”

This workshop was only one of the many workshops offered at Rio Hondo. There are a variety of workshops you can attend such as time management, career exploration, anxiety, motivation, and many others.

“Being part of these workshops you could learn a lot of what different programs or centers have to offer,” said Cerano. “I think it’s just a nice way to learn and grow as a student and become successful.”

Stop by the Student Success Center if you would like more information about upcoming workshops.

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