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Rio Hondo Holds Workshop For Student Success

Photo Credit: Samantha Marin
Rio Hondo Student Success Coach Vanessa Cerano giving a presentation at Success Strategies workshop.

Wednesday October 4th, 2023, the Student Success Center (SSC) held a workshop for students who were interested tips and advice on how to help them succeed in their future.

Every week, the SSC holds a couple of workshops that students can attend and take part in. One of the workshops they recently held was the Success Strategies workshop. 

About The Workshop

The focus for this workshop was about time management. The speaker Vanessa Cerano, a Rio Hondo Student Success Coach at the SSC, gave a presentation talking about time management. She explained why time management is important especially as a student. 

“Good time management enables you to work smarter not harder so you can get more done in less time,” said Cerano.

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Cerano mentioned some different tactics students could use to improve their time management skills. These tactics include keeping a schedule of any events or assignments going on in your week and putting a certain amount of time aside solely for completing any important tasks that must be done. 

Another tip mentioned was to not overcommit to things. Cerano explained how overcommitting can cause burnout and could get to the point where you’re to0 tired to do anything. She advised that you only commit to things that you know you will have the time for.

She also talked about how having bad time management can affect you and impact your physical and mental being negatively.

“Failing to manage your time damages your effectiveness and causes stress,” said Cerano.

Why Should Students Attend These Workshops?

These workshops are very beneficial for students who need help in regards to their future and succeeding in life.

“It helps y’all learn tips and tricks of how to navigate college but also navigate life in general,” said Cerano.

The SSC holds many workshops about various topics including transferring, relationships, overcoming anxiety, exploring different careers, managing stress, and much more. Head over to the Student Success Center if you want more information.

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