Weekly Horoscopes: November 1-7


This week you will find yourself having lost part of a relationship with someone. This is the chance to think about what you want. Is this person worth keeping in your life or are you better off without them? Follow your gut and things will fall into place.


This week a frustrating conflict can happen, this may be somehow connected to a family member. Try not to see this as an issue but more of a thing that just happens in life. Remember the less you focus on it the less it will matter to you.


This week you will be in between attending a career event or a personal event. You recognize that you can’t juggle  both which could be an issue. Both events are important, pick the one that you can handle right now.


This week might be tough to find someone who owes you some kind of explanation. You don’t need to put pressure on this person. But, in order to get what you want; Aquarius,  you need to make your expectations known. 


This week you might feel the need to open up to someone at work or neighborhood. There may be a sense that you know this person and that they are familiar. But in reality this isn’t realistic because you just see this person everyday. Confiding to this person can feel awkward after. Wait and confide to someone that you can be vulnerable with. 


This week can be very great. In order to achieve a good week it will be important to enter the week with a happy mind. Focus on working on things like stress, worries, and fears. Overlook what makes you unhappy, look at the bigger picture.


This week is perfect to have a gathering of some sorts with your friends. You need time to relax and have fun. Although your week seems to look busy, organizing yourself will come easy. You have a week full of excitement. 


This week you might have the need to reinvent yourself. This might be because some aspect of your life has had a turning point. It might also be that a personal project isn’t working out like you thought it would. Reflect and you’ll find your answers. 


This week a creative idea will come to mind. Follow through with your idea. Although some might want to speak fear into you. Don’t give anyone the satisfaction to speak fear into your goals. Let go of those who don’t see your potential. 


This week you will have the opportunity to impress someone. Perhaps you should be open to a new job. Your dream job is closer than you think, expect great opportunities to come your way. If you are in a relationship expect extra praise and love this week.


This week putting something off is not a good idea. You might need to give a response to someone. You’re scared they won’t like your answer. But putting it off will only cause problems in your relationship.


This week you will worry that a secret of yours will come to light. Don’t worry because this can be something good. Something relating to this secret can become an opportunity for you. Everything happens for a reason.