Weekly Horoscopes: October 25-31


This week you will notice that you made a very great impression on some important people. These people might be influential in some way. Due to your outstanding first impression they might seek you out because of it. What you bring to the table is in high demand therefore pay close attention to the offers that will present themselves. Accepting this offer can take a lot of your energy to pursue, choose wisely. 


This week will keep you very busy. Write down everything that needs to be done in order to not miss anything. Work might be very active for you right now, there is a possibility that you will have to step up to a role you are not familiar with. This is a great opportunity to learn and grow. Fulfilling this will give you a sense of accomplishment. Remember to stay organized. 


This week your focus is on yourself. Self improvement is very important to you. You are someone who believes in growth and improvement. This week is great for perfecting anything on your radar whether it is a project or even your skin routine. Whatever you choose to work on, just remember to listen to your emotional needs as well.


This week you will have a rush of amazing ideas. So many creative ideas will be flowing to your mind that you might not know which to pursue. Thing is you don’t need to pursue them all just yet, write some down and come back to them later. Invest in a journal to write your ideas and thoughts in.


This week team work will be very important to your life. Teamwork might not sound ideal right now. This isn’t the project to take on your own, this project requires teamwork. You are used to being very independent and doing it all on your own. Working in a team can be very rewarding; you might even learn something new.


This week you will share some very important information to someone. You might want to share this information the easiest way possible such as through text. Sharing the news through text can lead to misunderstandings and you want to make sure you get your point across. 


This week you will notice a pattern rise in your relationship. While you might think this pattern is about your significant other doing something wrong, in fact it is not about them at all. It actually might be about something you have been doing wrong Pisces. This isn’t a bad thing, this means you can finally turn your mistakes around and enjoy this wonderful relationship that is now possible with your significant other. 


This week you will be frustrated about an issue regarding money. Typically Capricorns are very good at managing their money. While you are good at budgeting and sticking to it, this money problem is very frustrating. This issue will rise at the beginning of the week, don’t let this problem burn you out. There are other ways you can solve this problem, remain positive. 


This week stability and financial terms are on your mind. You are someone who craves feeling protected or even safe. You are determined to find this secureness you seek and you sure will. Good karma is heading your way and things are finally falling into place again. Regardless, you have a great week ahead.


This week someone around you might have very heavy and volatile energy. You might even sense that a fight is coming. Virgo, you don’t like confrontation. Which will lead to avoidance, this will only lead to the other person being frustrated and in a worse mood. It is better for you to approach this peacefully and as calming as possible, don’t wait too long because feelings may rise.


This week will start off with many invitations to social gatherings. You also may be the one hosting or inviting. Aries you are definitely in a party mood. Go to that social gathering, you might run into someone you haven’t seen in a while. There is a high chance you’ll enjoying spending time with this person again.


This week you might be driven to the edge. You are a very energetic person, but without an outlet to let all that energy become cramped up. Due to this you will be at your tipping point. This is a great time to find new ways to let out all that cramped up energy, take on new hobbies you enjoy.