Weekly Horoscopes: October 4-10


This week doing a good deed might not be the most pleasant thing to do. Following your conscience can be rewarding. Doing what is right is very fulfilling. Therefore be ready to be rewarded back for your good deeds.


This week will be a great time to reflect on what is holding you back. Get rid of anything that might not be in your best interest. Seek out new opportunities, there is a high chance that new opportunities can bring even more money. But it also brings in a sense of success and confidence.


This week someone close to you will tell you a story. Aquarius, don’t take whatever they say to heart. Jumping to conclusions will cause unnecessary problems. Protect your energy and remember that sometimes people project themselves onto others without realizing.


This week will be very busy, you might even feel worn out. It’s important that you take care of yourself and spend some alone time. Even if you have work that needs to be done, find a quiet and comfortable place to get things done.


This week only you can control what stresses you out. Stress caused by other people gives you the opportunity to rise above any negativity. Only you can control what affects you. Choosing to rise above can lead to a very radiant and happy weekend.


This week you will find yourself craving a sense of belonging. Aries, you need a place that feels warm and nurturing. Spend time with loved ones and those who care for you. Surrounding yourself with those you love will serve you well.


This week you will notice someone’s weird behavior. If you really want to know then just ask questions but if not you’ll find out sooner than later. This weekend follow your gut, don’t get involved in situations you are hesitant about.


This week you will have to get involved in something you don’t want to in order to help another person. Compromise and accept the situation. Helping this person will help them recognize something they are not facing.


This week your hard efforts will be recognized. You will be reaping the fruits of all your hard work. You often feel like you poor too much of yourself in areas that never succeed. But your time has come and your hard work has paid off.


This week be careful digging for the truth. Virgo, you might not like what you find. Finding out this information is serious and will require an involvement of your part. Protect yourself and your heart in order to not be deceived.


This week volunteering is on your mind. Libra, you’re curious about volunteering to be a leader and guide others. This is a step in the right direction. It can also possibly benefit you in the future. There is a lot to learn from this position, make sure to make the best out of it.


This week you will find yourself having immense luck. You might also come across something unique. This makes it a great time to visit flea markets or antique stores, you never know what you might find. It’s also a good time to speak up about something you may be holding back.