Weekly Horoscopes: October 11-17


This week expects sparks flying between you and someone else. This can be a romantic interest. But it can also be someone you connect with intellectually. This is a relationship worth working towards. Take it slow, get to know this person.


This week you will face frustration. This might be related to a project, you might be feeling like dropping everything and giving up. Don’t let your temper get in the way, remain calm and collected. Remaining calm will result in a solution, be patient.


This week you will find yourself surrounded by very smart and successful people. So much that when an issue arises you might hesitate to fix it. Taking on the responsibility to fix it will give a great impression to those around you. 


This week you will realize how much you have grown. You are evolving in a way that relates to relationships in your life. This might have arisen during an argument that led you to recognize something on a deeper level. Whatever it is that you realized, it is good for you. 


This week make sure to not make any promises surrounding money or situations that you are not sure about. There is a high chance of a huge misunderstanding. Therefore it is better to not make any promises around anything you aren’t clear about. 


Begin this week in the most peaceful way possible. If you have the possibility to relax by a body of water, take advantage. Beginning this week in a calm mood will give you an open mind about opportunities coming your way.


This week you might feel overwhelmed, take action on it. If you aren’t feeling we;; then take time for yourself. It is important to not overwork yourself. Face whatever issues you might be facing right now, as long as it brings you more peace and less stress. 


This week might feel like a lot of work. That is because you wish that this week was all fun and no work. But fortunately enough you will give your best at your work that it will feel like fun. Look around and appreciate how lucky you are.


This week spending time alone is a great idea. You deserve to take a break and do some self-care. Do what feels right for you, as you might have pushed yourself too much the past few weeks. It is important to take off some steam and take a break from everyday activities.


This week you will realize that sometimes we’re vulnerable. When one is vulnerable we might accept less than we deserve. We settle in fear of not being able to achieve something more. If that is the case Virgo, be careful, will this only fill that hole temporarily?


This week you will come to realize how big the world is. But because of recent experiences you might be shutting yourself out from meeting new people and even experiencing new opportunities. It is time to step out of your comfort and give all those opportunities a try.


This week a new opportunity will arrive. You might be having second thoughts, Gemini,  because you don’t want to appear as needy. But in reality you appear ambitious and hard working. If the opportunity presents itself, take it, only good things will come out of it.