Día de los Muertos How to: Altar decorations


It’s still not too late to decorate your altar. Although today was the first day of día de Los Muertos it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate those who have passed the whole month of November. November first is the official celebration of all those who have passed and will continue onto November second. This holiday stemmed from Mexico and has been a tradition to do every year to remember past loved ones. However, there are a lot of other countries in Latin America who celebrate this beautiful holiday. Many of the states in Mexico have different decorations for this day, each one as beautiful as the next. 


Photos & Flowers 


When decorating the Altar there are many important aspects of it, especially the decorations. For this day it’s important to put up pictures of those who have left this world. Having their photograph in frames where you have your altar to always remember them. The next one is to use Cempasúchil also known as Marigolds, these flowers have a strong scent and will help lead those who have passed to their homes and be with their loved ones. This is a staple when making the altar, place some on the floor and don’t be afraid to rip the petals and make a line of them to your door and a little outside. 


Food & Candles


Water, a cup or two of water will help quench their thirst after a long journey back home for the night. It’s very important to place the cup of water on the altars, so they know it’s for them. A candle is also placed on your altar to shine light on their path along with the scent of the marigolds. Also, when decorating your altar keep in mind the size of it as you want to place as many of the favorite foods of your loved ones even if it’s a cake, steak, or fruit leave it on your altar so they can enjoy it one more time. Another item you can add are their favorite drinks, it can be an alcoholic beverage, juice, or soda. Anything that they loved while being alive is welcome on your altar. 


As you decorate your altar remember what the day is about. Tell the stories of those who have passed and remember the love you had and will forever have for them. Make sure their memory is still well and alive, so the younger generations can also remember the stories. If it is your first time making your altar it’s okay as long as you respect the traditions and know how important these two days are to many Mexican families around the world and others who celebrate Día De Los Muertos.