Rock Bottom to the top

Mexican sided Club America is a well respected club in Mexico known for their success in Soccer. The current season was a whole new experience for  a club who is always fighting for the title. Needless to say in the start of the season the club experienced rock bottom which hasn’t happened since 2008. A big factor and speculations were its the current squad or coach who was infuclening the bad results. As the season went along, management from the team started to look for options inside the club looking for the next coach. Since there are different categories of teams they looked at the possibilities of looking for someone inside the club. 

As weeks went by we saw many departures with players who fans kept constantly calling out. The team management had to look closing as too was being counted on for this road of the season. As the departures kept coming the result was still the same losing to low table teams. Fans started to take their frustration onto Social Media and started tweeting hashtag fuera Solari.

The Rise

After eleven games a new Coach was brought in Tano Ortiz who as we stated above played here as a player and was the head coach for the teenager team. As the games went by we started to see a new attitude and the playstyle was different. The team saw positive results but most importantly the team united and had a clear mind of fighting for the title. The team went on to secure a 8 game streak and place fourth in the table.


The club continued their winning ways into the playoffs versus Puebla in a two match game. The first match concluded in a tie and this upcoming Saturday the match was played. The result ended 3 to 2 but the global result was 4 to 3. Overall, the team has a streak of ten games without a loss and are looking for more wins in the Semifinals.