Consuelo Food Review

This small owned business which is soon to pop off in the summer of 2022. With exciting news coming up in the next few months it was an honor to be able to consume a plate. Overall, this place is still working up for plates for their exceptional menu. The menu will consist of Mexican based, but also a little American mix which of course is one of many people’s favorite places to visit. Heading into the place you are welcomed with a welcoming vibe. But also with a greeting that makes you want to come back. Of course, customer service is key and was well displayed when entering.

My Choice of plate

When looking over the menu but also my cravings we went with the red Chilaquiles also you have the choice of green too. We have been craving some sort of traditional Mexican breakfast. Don’t get me wrong there were some quite nice choices but overall this plate stood out. The chilaquiles plate is tossed with either cotija cheese or fresco and you can also not forget your diced onion and oversize egg. Depending on how your egg preference is you are able to choose your liking.

Overall experience

This place will surely fill the expectations of others who are lovers of some traditional breakfast. Nevertheless, you enter the place with love and greeting and the owner does take care of their customers. The food portions are extremely affordable, but also appetizing. In addition, for a couple bucks more you can add bread and avocado.

Also we can exclude the choice of drinks which is either Coffee or Canela which is an alternative choice. With the purchase of a drink you can also get a piece of bolio for your chilaquiles.