Easter Sunday Football

This Easter Sunday, many fans got to witness an incredible packed match of MLS Soccer. Fans witnessed a LAFC team who came in hot this Sunday versus Kansas City. Overall, any fan there would share their experience as top tier. The local team of Los Angeles came into the match as favorites leading the Western Conference. On the other hand, sports was at the bottom of the table. Nevertheless, the match was looking to be a great match for Soccer fans this Easter Sunday.

As the match was starting in the first half we saw both teams come in with an insanely high energy. Looking to pressurize any loose ball and closing the spaces,  the local team concluded in many missed chances of passing. Sporting continued to push and ended up scoring first at minute thirty-seven. A missed pass and counter attack brought Kansas one up on the scoreboard. In the coming up minutes LA equalized with a header and equalized to go to halftime tied on the scoreboard.

Second half was another mindset for the local team scoring 2 to end the match with a victory and to secure Easter. They positioned themselves on top of their conference. Overall, what catches the attention was the vibe but also the fanbase of Los Angeles. The 3252 group of individuals supporting and cheering kept singing and brought the crowd together and helped their team win. Chanting their signature songs, they were able to keep a crowd entertained but also spectators get a glimpse of American Soccer. Many of these groups are of mixed races but all come together for the same thing which is Soccer and helping their team win off the field. American Soccer is on the rise. In a few years from now a team from MLS will set an example for other Soccer fans around the world.