Holidays Feel Different

With the passing of yet another Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Thanksgiving is great and all thanks to the food people get to eat, but Halloween and Christmas have always been my favorite holidays. Not just because of the trick or treating and presents, but because of the wonderful atmosphere they both bring. However, every holiday just doesn’t feel the same to me anymore.

Memories of Excitement

I remember always feeling excited whenever a major holiday was coming up for many reasons. One of those reasons was because of the goodies that come with each specific holiday. Easter and Halloween both come with lots of candy and that’s always a good thing. I loved Easter because of the classic easter egg hunt game that allows children to discover easter eggs filled with candy. I loved Halloween even more though because I got to dress up as some of my favorite characters while receiving free candy.

Another reason was because of the delicious food that I would eat every thanksgiving. The anticipation of biting into a juicy slice of ham and smoked turkey was almost too much to handle. Also, spending time with members of my family who I did not seen very often was great as well. Then there’s Christmas.

Change Has Filled the Air

This was probably my most anticipated holiday of the year because it is very close to my birthday. So, naturally, I would be bouncing off the walls with excitement whenever Dec. rolled around. Besides being close to my birthday, Christmas is a favorite of mine because of the decorations. Seeing the beautiful lights on houses and presents under the Christmas tree are enough to make any Christmas fan happy.

Moreover, being able to take time off from school for two to three weeks because of holidays was definitely something to look forward to. Even though the extra homework that came with that time off was not. All these reasons, apart from one, are reason enough to love holidays.

Now, unfortunately, these special days feel different. Maybe it’s because the magic that was once there is gone. Or maybe, the repetitiveness of these events has caused the feelings I once had to evaporate over time. I believe the reason I feel this way is simply because I have gotten older. I still love holidays and always will, but ultimately, the excitement I once felt for them has decreased.