P.F. Flyers are Coming Back With a New Focus

The Acquisition

“80 years of iconic American style. Founded in 1937, and reborn in 2021”. This is the message we are greeted with when we visit the newly updated P.F. Flyers website. For those who might not have known, early this year the website was emptied and taken down with no explanation. Later in the year it was released that it was do to an acquisition of the company. The company was originally owned by New Balance is now owned by Kassia Davis. Who not only left the company to start a sustainable clothing brand for women, KADA. Davis is also the daughter of the chairman and majority owner of New Balance, Jim Davis. The acquisition of the company now has Davis as acting executive chairwoman, and has her looking for a new CEO. However, with few vague updates on the company, there seem to be some delays.

The Future

The company was originally projected to relaunch in Sept 2021. However, there seem to be some delays with the website currently only accepting preorders. The company will still  be launching this year with the return if the classics: Center Hi, Center Lo, and Sandlot shoes. While any new designs and collaborations set to release in fall of 2022. When asked what her plan for the legendary shoe company is Davis states she’s aiming to create, “a billion-dollar company”. She goes on to explain the biggest change she has for the company. Davis states “We certainly don’t want to lose the heritage and authenticity of the brand”.

She  claims that she wants to “evolve” the company to have more of a “female focus”.  Davis wants to make the entire company as targeted and inspiring to women as possible. As high up as finding a female CEO to as simple as expanding the women’s shoe sizes. The future of the company is female and it this seems to only be the first step.