Women Volleyball at Compton College

Rio Hondo Volleyball vs Santa Barbara

Coming into the match Rio Hondo was coming out from 3 losses. Coming into this match they surely were not the favorite on paper. This did not stop these Rio Hondo women to battle it out with Santa Barbara Who have an expressive record and surely can be favorites when facing other teams. Apart from this Women Rio battled in a competitive game to five sets and fell short to improve to a 5-10 record.

Coming into the Match ( pre-match )

After battling with a top team who a candidate for the title. Rio can say they are able to put the pressure on any team. Coming into this we should expect a new game plan for Women Volleyball and hope to secure the win on Wednesday night. Fans should expect a thrilling but overall competitive team that night. No fans are allowed but you can show your support and cheer on Women Volleyball through the online platform Twitch.

Final Result

Women Volleyball at Rio Hondo come up big and sweep Compton. Rio dominated each set and also not letting the opposing team score more than ten points each set. Which is what was different last game having to face a team who on paper might have been favorite but were left surprised. In the next game Rio Hondo moves to a 6-10 record and are set to face Cerritos this upcoming Friday.