Weekly Horoscope May 24-30


This week you find yourself dreaming and imagining a lot, this is nothing new for you. But Pisces you are going to have to pull yourself back into reality. Pulling yourself back will help you not get carried away and help you achieve your goals. 


This week you will be dealing with an enraging and confusing dilemma. Confronting the issue is the best way to go and that is because there is only so much that can go right. You wanna make sure to keep clam in order for things to not escalate. You can make anything happen this week.


This week you will find yourself drifting in your thoughts a lot. Drifting in this aspect is good because it will help you come up with ideas and solutions that can make your dreams come true. This is a great time to come with ideas because there won’t be any pressure.


This week you will find yourself feeling a bit restrained when it comes to money. This might be related to your job or your financial stability right now. It is important to know that you should not worry. Although you might want a sense of security, use this to make your needs come true.


This week you will tune into your creative side. Indulging in your creativeness will bring you happiness. Scorpio you might have been thinking lately how much you wish you could spend your time engaging in your talents. Well this week you will finally have time and means to focus on your talents.


This week you will have confidence in your communication skills. This week is a great time to face conversations that usually might seem awkward or hard to face. This is important because you might have two issues that if not handled could turn out to be very difficult. Therefore it is a great time to deal with those issues now.


This week unexpected moments will be the highlight of your week. These unexpected moments can turn out to be really fun. Virgo you might also encounter an old friend. As a result you will be happy and time will fly by.


This week you will let your guard down for a very charming person. Leo, this person is someone you want to get to know and you might want to impress them. But be careful this person has a lot to gain from you. As a result stay vigilant, you are not easily taken advantage of but it is important to beware. 


This week you might have a business you want to pursue in mind. Cancer you are worried about how well you will do. You are trying to impress someone but you are worried about your financial stability. There is nothing to worry about, the universe is on your side. There is nothing that you can’t do when you put your mind to it. 


This week you will meet someone who you are very judgemental of. Gemini you believe that because this person looks a certain way that they must be bad or good. What is outside is not what is within. Get to know this person more before you make any assumptions.


This week your main focus is to make a big change in your life. In fact Taurus this has been on your mind for a very long time. This big change can be about a move, an investment, a relationship, or even a business. This a great time to think about it and make a plan, it is important to make a plan before putting anything into motion. 


This week you might have to push yourself a bit more than usual. Aries you are always up for challenge or some kind of adventure. The reason you need to push yourself a little more is because good things are coming your way. In order to take full advantage of this opportunity you are going to have to strive for the best.