Yeezy Season 1 has approached


Fur Bomber Jacket price tagged at $3,250. Photo courtesy of
Fur Bomber Jacket price tagged at $3,250. Photo courtesy of


Boucle Sweater price tagged at $1,690. Photo courtesy of
Boucle Sweater price tagged at $1,690. Photo courtesy of

Kanye West has dropped his Yeezy Season 1 collaboration apparel with Adidas Originals, the collection released the first edition of Season 1 on Oct. 29.

Season 1 consists of high-end men and women’s apparel, along with accessories and new footwear all in a muted earthly palette.

The men’s collection consist of slick parkas with fur trims, camo parkas and shirts, over-sized sweaters (with some coming with puckered holes in them), a nylon bomber jacket and coaches jacket.

West also brings to the table the new Yeezy 950’s, a robust heavy duty boot that will most likely create as much excitement and hype as the 350’s did.

For the women’s apparel collection West created bomber jackets, along with cropped jackets and sweaters, tank tops and a rib sports bra that will be released in three colorways.

Although Season 1 doesn’t come cheap as most expected, you’re going to have to pay a nifty price for a parka and a basic camo shirt.

The bomber jackets range between $1,759 to $2,755, while a hoodie goes for a steep price of $509.

Sneaker heads and fashion enthusiasts looking to buy the new 950’s will also have to pay the $529 price tag for the new boots that are very similar to the likes of fashion brand Maison Margiela.

For those who don’t have the money at the moment or missed out on most of the items that are now out of stock, West plans to release the second edition of Season 1 on Nov. 14 that will feature a new colorway of the popular Yeezy 350 Boost’s.

West was spotted at the MTV Video Music Awards over the summer wearing a new colorway of the 350’s that most fans hope will be released during the second drop.

Maybe West will surprise fans and release multiple colorways for those who didn’t get a chance to purchase a pair of sneakers earlier this year.

West is arguably the most criticized and out spoken artist in the music industry today.

While he has released six innovative albums that have all been ahead of their time, West has had controversial moments in the past becoming scrutinized by the media more often than not.

With this new clothing line that West has put out, maybe those with a negative outlook, will change their minds.

You can purchase items from the first Yeezy Season 1 drop at either or at if it’s in your budget.