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El Paisano

Kim Kardashian Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Ashley Lozano, Reporter

April 20, 2019

Model and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian West, is being accused of cultural appropriation after posting a photo to her Instagram wearing an Indian headpiece she wore to her husband, Kanye West’s, Sunday Service this past Sunday. In the photo captioned “Sunday Service Vibe”, depicts Kardashian West...

Pharrell Williams’ Clothing Line Collab With A Tribe Called Quest

Sabrina Torres, Reporter

March 12, 2018

It’s no surprise that Pharrell is a big fan of A Tribe Called Quest. Pharrell has always spoken about the inspiration he obtained from this Hip Hop group to pursue a career in music. Pharrell met the famous group in the 90s. Over the years, they developed a friendship eventually leading to Phar...

Mr. Porter

Daniel Campos, Staff Writer

May 10, 2017

Not since the 2000’s have trends gone from runway to shipping boxes in such short a time. Fast fashion executives continue to slip onto first rows and into showrooms to quickly, and cost effectively, as fast as it takes to send a text message. For every season, with designers from Gucci, Valentino...

The Secret To The Brow

Marlene Espinoza, Staff Writer

May 9, 2017

For centuries, beauty in such places as the Middle East and Asia has been a mystery to many. In fact, it still remains questionable to the human mind. However, what was once a secret has been practiced for centuries and is known as, an ancient hair removal technique. Not only is this technique the...

Ralph Lauren Fails to Keep up with Millennial Demand

Ralph Lauren Fails to Keep up with Millennial Demand

Danielle Anzures, Staff Writer

April 17, 2017

Ralph Lauren is the latest company to openly fall from grace and close its once highly coveted Fifth Avenue Polo store. On a recent visit, a writer from Businessinsider.com (an Amazon company) went into the store and found overpriced polos that look like they came out of the same POLO ad circa 1960,...

Balenciaga goes vroom vroom!

Balenciaga goes vroom vroom!

Nicole Garcia, Staff Writer

March 15, 2017

This past Sunday March 5 Fashion Designer Demna Gvasalia - creative director of Balenciaga - sent out a new fashion statement to Paris Fashion Show’s runway featuring repurposed automobile objects. Celebrating Balenciaga’s 100th Anniversary, Gvasalia wanted a new look and an inspiration behind...

Become a fashion pro not a fashion don’t

Become a fashion pro not a fashion don’t

Noah Garcia, Opinion Editor

October 10, 2016

California fashion has always been a little peculiar. According to current cultural standing, fall is usually the time where people start bundling up because of the colder season. In California, however, it doesn't really start to get cold until the end of October. The California zeitgeist can be tri...

Giorgio Armani and Bugatti together?

Giorgio Armani and Bugatti together?

Eileen Gaeta, Lifestyles Editor

September 14, 2016

The worlds of automotive and apparel are about to join forces. Giorgio Armani and Bugatti want to offer their customers products that are distinguished by their top quality material. The Italian and the French brands have come together for the first time to promote a vision. The Giorgio Armani for Bugatti ...

Spring/Summer ’16 fashion collections to look forward to

Spring/Summer ’16 fashion collections to look forward to

Ryan Guerrero, Managing Editor

February 27, 2016

As winter comes to an end and daylight saving time approaches, many fashion houses and street-wear brands are releasing their Spring/Summer 2016 collections. From sold-out collections to new releases and upcoming previews; here are some S/S '16 collections to look forward to in the next few weeks...

Staying Fit or Staying Trendy?

Staying Fit or Staying Trendy?

Adam Calleja, Staff Writer

February 15, 2016

A gym membership and an organized meal plan has never been so popular as it is today. The fitness and health lifestyle has never been embraced as much as it is today either. What is so attractive about this lifestyle? Is it the results that appear in our physical appearance leading to the ultimate...

Yeezy Season 1 has approached

Yeezy Season 1 has approached

Elder Hinojosa, Staff Writer

October 30, 2015

    Kanye West has dropped his Yeezy Season 1 collaboration apparel with Adidas Originals, the collection released the first edition of Season 1 on Oct. 29. Season 1 consists of high-end men and women’s apparel, along with accessories and new footwear all in a muted earthly palette. The ...

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