Are Chia Seeds Good For You?

So what are Chia Seeds first of all? Sounds like something you’d see in the plants aisle at Home Depot or your local garden store. And you’d have guessed right because they’re seedlings and are used to grow your own chia plant and are edible too, according to LongTimeMother who wrote the article “How I grow and Harvest Organic Chia Seeds” on the webpage: HubPages.

If you think you’ve never seen it before though, you probably did and have never noticed it but if you’ve seen those infomercials concerning that ‘cha cha chia’ pet a.k.a. pottery plant that resembles characters or animals. Then yes, you have seen it before but never probably looked into it like me.

The seeds themselves look like bird feed but it’s highly nutritious and good for your body. How is it good for you? Well they contain high amounts of linolenic acid of both LNA and LA which are needed fatty acids for your body. The fatty acids work by attracting oxygen and keeping the cell membranes in the human body to be flexible and fluid, not only that but also to strengthen our immune system to defend our bodies from ailment causing intruders.

LongTimeMother mentions that since most people’s diets are in the low end of having essential fatty acids, they can have fatigued muscles, fatiguing overall, and a range of health dangers.

She recommends that we need our daily dose of EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) because our bodies do not make them ourselves, so we should supplement it somehow and chia seeds could help with that. Besides helping our bodies, EFA’s could assist those who are looking to lose weight and remove toxins from the body.

Are there more benefits to these chia seeds? Yes there are, another one would be that it contains enzymes to help a person with digestion. The second would be the chia’s ability to help one calm their nerves and strengthen memory through consumption of the seeds. According to a University research that LongTimeMother found, chia seeds could get a person to work through 24hrs.

Now before you start consuming them, there are ways to eat chia seeds going by LongTimeMother’s article.

1. You can chew the chia seeds and while they’re being chewed, your saliva will be absorbed by the chia seeds which will make them much easier to eat throughout the day.

2. You can place the seeds in water or your favorite juice to let them swell up before you consume them.

3. Chia seeds could be added to your milkshake or smoothie to make it healthier.

4. You can also spread it atop your foods like toppings.

5. Chia seeds could be mixed into bread batter to make it tasty with a different texture when baked but you won’t gain the health benefits since chia seeds will give you the most health when consumed through the other methods that were provided.

Now where do you purchase them? You can purchase these lovely seeds through online stores which is the easiest, health food stores which usually do contain them like Whole foods or Trader Joe’s but you can also try looking for them at superstores like Walmart or Target.