Food-Based Vitamins?

Written by Christopher Ly, Staff Writer

Hey look! That looks useful, I think? A multi-vitamin that’s supposedly healthy for you recommended by some TV advertisement down the aisle of the health section, I think it was Centrum. Looking at the bottle with speculation, is it really good for you?

I thought the same too when I took to the vitamin section of stores, being confused and what not with so many vitamins to choose from but not knowing what is good for you. I then decided to look into vitamins more because after trying different brands of daily multivitamins for a few years, I really didn’t feel any different than I did before taking them. The only difference I knew throughout my daily routines was that my urine was a neon yellow colored variety than a normal yellow color.

This also got me curious in what was going on with my body if my urine was turning a different color. Looking through the Internet , my urine was a different shade of color because my body wasn’t able to absorb the excess riboflavin according to Le Banh an R.D. from the University of Virginia, he says that the body is just excreting excess vitamin B and is nothing to worry about.

Well that’s over, worrying over nothing but back to the main picture, so are multivitamins worth it? According to an article “The Truth About Multivitamins Vs. Food-Based Vitamins” from the website ‘DailyHealthPost,’ multivitamins are scams. Why? The article explains that the labs isolate the vitamins through chemical processing and then converts all the vitamins into a pill form. Through this process, instead of getting vitamin C like you wanted, you get ascorbic acid instead when you probably wanted that vitamin C in that vitamin that you bought.

There are also mentions of you just getting rock sediments in your normal multivitamin instead of minerals. This in effect, means that your body won’t really absorb much of the product and in the end would just excrete the product out in one of the body’s orifice.

So in the end, multivitamins are pretty much useless since you’re only getting some of the product absorbed by your body and you end up spending on something that promises you half the product. So is there an alternative to them to get your daily vitamins? Yes there is!

The vitamins that you should check out are multivitamins called organic vitamins which are vitamins that had their vitamins sourced from natural sources and has not gone through a chemical process. Sounds good right? Yes, because they actually are more bioavailable to be absorbed by your body since it is sourced from organic material over non-organic material according to the “DailyHealthPost.

Bioavailability or bioavailable means how much your body cells can absorb the nutrients from what you put into your body through your mouth, if you didn’t get that. So make the switch, and feel the difference like I did. I felt so much better after making the switch from your average multivitamin to a food-based/organic multivitamin, so go and do it and toss out that useless multivitamin that you thought was doing you nothing.