The Big Brunch

Streaming now on HBO Max is the, “The Big Brunch.” It’s a cooking competition many people can stream and enjoy over the weekend. The show is predicted to hit millions of views this past weekend. The show is setting a new image of the whole world of cooking and competition.  For the viewers, the show is different, beginning with the cast and the judges, and their whole view on food.

Each show ranges from about forty minutes to almost an hour. And the first three episodes are now streaming on HBO Max. Just like every other show, each new episode comes out every Sunday. The contestants are competing for a prize of $300,000, dollars which is crazy to think about for a competition. Especially for food, many would think it would be much less and comes with other perks aside from money.

Looking at the first episode, the show kicked off with a touching and warming intro to each contestant. We get to see how each contestant started cooking and how they are using food to change their way of living. It’s a sense of who they are and what this show can potentially helpmake them become in the future

The first dish, each contestant had to recreate a home plate he or she enjoyed as a kid. Many contestants were using dishes that reminded them of their home. Nedge, a contestant on the show, does an amazing job showing her heritage on her first plate of the show. She  fascinated with showing people her Haitian heritage to her students and\ a bunch of children.

The contestants have an amazing story to tell, like Roman and Kelly, each contestant is fighting for support for their people. Roman has a center that helps individuals have a place to stay and a meal. Roman is competing for him and for the center which provides for people who need help. Kelly has her side of the story, and she explained it to help farmers and her farming life and family.

Watching and listening to their side of how food has changed their views on life and lifestyle, makes you wonder. How can something we are meant to eat mean and can bring and open doors for many people struggling ? Nevertheless, each plate is made with distinct flavors, which the three judges find challenging when scoring who is best. As long as the show is showing dishes we could see more and more viewers.

What makes the viewers know who is best and what not isn’t, is when the judges spend more time talking with the contestant. The show does show when the judges do not like the plate. The more the show goes on, the less and less they take on each plate. In addition to criticism from the judges the show could show the feedback of the fans at home. Second we they can recreate the plate and taste for themselves but these are ideas to take into consideration. Further in the show the judges maybe could include guest and get them to see how it feels to cook in a competition.

 Obviously, this is the first episode of the season, and each contestant gave their best and worst plate. The three judges will challenge the contestants in the upcoming episode and have to prove why their plates can change the lives of others. Regardless of what to come everyone is here for the prize and everyone is looking for a change. In addition to what is to come we see a competitive but friendly competition. Who will be the first to head out the door and are we expecting amazing and delicious dishes that one can cook at home.