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Harmony in Motion: RHC’s Dance Alumna’s Spectacular Concert

Photo Credit: Chris Castanon
Rio Hondo’s Dance team lined up for one last dance before closing

Last week marked the commencement of Rio Hondo’s dance team concert performances, showcasing mesmerizing talent and creativity. Organized by Kristina Urteaga, a member of the dance faculty at Rio Hondo College, the event featured dances choreographed by the performers themselves.

Welcoming the Audience by Motion

 The concert presented a diverse array of dance styles, each displaying a unique set of movements that, despite their diversity, felt interconnected.

Dancer, Samantha Machuca, with fellow dancers’ welcome audience to their performance. (Photo Credit: Christopher Castanon)

Every dance exhibited innovation and expressiveness, conveying distinct stories through their routines. Some dances communicated narratives solely through the emotions expressed.

Storytelling through movement and motion 

The choice of music mirrored this diversity, ranging from graceful and quiet to loud and aggressive, with each song telling its own story. Jasmine Garcia, a performer, emphasized the individual stories within her performance, stating, “This was about every individual story and seeing where we are as a collective.” Every performance had this in mind. To convey a story or feeling through emotionally driven movement.

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Movement That Inspires

 Some performances were brought to the stage by their choreographers’ inspirations. Whether it be by something they love or something that has happened to them. One performer, Jennifer Nieto, spoke for one of her fellow performers, Angela Martinez, who could not make it to this concert. 

“Growing up, she’s always had a fondness for Rock n’ Roll,” Nieto said. “Her family always loved Rock, so it was her reason for choosing this piece for our dance.” 

Jennifer Nieto is lifted by her team in amazing display of emotion and dance. (Photo Credit: Christopher Castanon)

Through the things that inspired them and their ability to express themselves, their performances were awe inspiring. 

A notable aspect of the concert was the collaborative spirit among the dancers, showcasing the strength of teamwork. Their harmonious movements contributed to a collective brilliance in each routine. Urteaga expressed pride in her dancers, highlighting how their exploration of creativity brought the team closer together.

While solo performances allow individuals to shine, revealing unique styles and personalities, they did not diminish the overall effectiveness of the collective performance.

Pride of the Viewer

The audience enthusiastically embraced Rio Hondo’s dancers. Captivated by the diverse talent and creativity on display. From the first entrance to the final bow, the crowd remained engaged and appreciative. 

“From the beginning to the end, their hard work paid off” Dorene Nieto, one of the members of the audience, said “I have never been happier and proud.” 

the audience gave a standing ovation for the seamless teamwork and individual brilliance. This in turn reflected the shared pride and anticipation for future performances from the talented dance group.

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