The Young Financial Advisor Empowering Women

Sara Cozart, Staff Writer

Tori Dunlap is a twenty-four year old saving $100,000 prior to age twenty-six.

She’s the owner of, “Her First $100K.” A career and financial advisory business targeted towards women.

It helps create life and saving plans and teach how to invest.

Dunlap’s motto is: “Money is freedom, money is power.”

Her parents taught her how to micromanage her income and the importance of saving.

At age nine she had a savings and checking account. Plus a business overseen by her father who was a salesman.

She learned bill negotiation, how to write checks, and credit card basics.

In addition, she graduated from college debt free through her jobs and scholarships.

Tori states: “You have the freedom to leave an unhealthy job or quit a 9-to-5 to start a business, travel the world, buy a house or have the life you want.”

Tori’s full-time job is working for an app named “Tomorrow.”

The company focuses on will offers, including those with low income.

Her job at age twenty one enabled her to save for retirement.

Dunlap then had a SEP IRA, a 401K, and a Roth IRA.

Aside from emergencies, most of her income goes towards investment or retirement accounts.

Overall Tori advocates for women to gain more financial knowledge and stability.

Tori Dunlap. The twenty four year old financial advisor, saving $100,000 by age twenty five. Image from Tori’s Twitter account, HerFirst100K.










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